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Zodiac Fashion


Zodiac Fashion Alert: Uranus in Taurus Style is going to feel fresh. The God of the Future gets to Taurus – for the first time in 84 years – in mid-May.

It is the planet of the Zeitgeist in tactile Taurus, the constellation of Venus, the ultimate Muse.

We discussed the potential for haute hippie renegade beauty moves here already.

But as we get closer to Uranus in Taurus, the mood becomes more palpable and the signal more evident. Why not look to people WITH Uranus in Taurus Rising for inspo?  Voila Ali MacGraw, an Aries with Uranus in Taurus on her ascendant, the survivor of a traumatic childhood, turned stylist turned actor turned icon turned Hollywood exile turned activist.

For a while there, she was also renowned for tumultuous romances with Mars-Neptune men.

A Cat Lady and avid Yogi since Chiron Return, she is also a recovering Alcoholic and Love Zombie – or former “man dependent” as she calls it. She credits the Betty Ford clinic for assisting her in leaving both those addictions behind her. Currently, she’s representing a feminist ethical clothing company.  What if everyone bought fewer clothes and from companies of this ilk?  S**t would change real fast. Or – even more “Taurus” in tone – we bought only small local designers?

Could this be all adding up to Uranus in Taurus style vibe?

And regardless of where your style sits now, the last seven-year era is ending so your aesthetics are no doubt changing up. Radically evolving your image when Uranus changes sign is often an unconscious instinct but collaborate with this vibe for maximum results!


Sies Marjan 
Ali McGraw 1960s
Ali McGraw 2018 

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