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Your Weekend Love Horoscope for January 12 to January 14: A Sagittarius Moon Invites Adventure! Your Weekend Love Horoscope for January 12 to January 14: A Sagittarius Moon Invites Adventure!

The Capricorn new moon is approaching, and it’s bringing serious, earthy, go-getter energy to the start of next week, but first, we have the weekend. And this weekend is all about fun! A Sagittarius moon invites adventure and confidence. Let yourself explore and be explored. Try new things. Meet new people. Go on a day trip. The moon’s on fire. Venus is rooted in Earth, and Mars is swimming in water. Romance is about experience. It’s about being here and feeling and acting, not thinking. Air, the element that rules your thoughts, is taken out of the equation, and this leads you to see things differently. This shift in perspective is further guaranteed by Mercury conjuncting Saturn. Expect to learn something new, and allow this lesson to shape any intentions you set on Tuesday’s new moon.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
With Mars in Scorpio, you’ve been spending more time than usual in your feelings. This is all well and good, but let’s be honest, you’re most at home when things are burning hot! And this weekend’s Sagittarius moon brings fire back into your life. You want to keep things moving—not just in your internal world but outside as well. You want tangible action, and this weekend inspires plenty of it. I see you going out and partying and probably having a little too much fun. You risk being a tad selfish. This could upset any partner, but if you’re single, it’s a great time to meet somebody—at least for the night. Enjoy yourself, but be careful not to forget everything you’ve learned lately about compassion.

Love Lesson: Take note of what you feel when you fall back into old patterns.

Passion Prediction:                            
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
You want none of this weekend’s fire. Your version of exploring the unknown is much more likely to include a meditation retreat than staying up past your bedtime at the local bar. The sun conjuncts Venus in Capricorn, and while this is supported by Chiron in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio, it’s challenged by Uranus in Aries. You’ll feel much more at peace engaging in some gentle healing and self care then pushing yourself to go find someone knew. Insecurities are burning a bit hot, and you’re best off treating yourself to some rest and relaxation. If you’re partnered, see how you can do this together. Maybe get a couple’s massage or enjoy breakfast in bed. Don’t let FOMO get you down.

Love Lesson:  Slowing down is a luxury. Slowing down together is even better.
Passion Prediction:                        

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn, and you’re left remembering exactly who you are. This energy is seriously grounding. All of your bubbly, fun Gemini-ness will be brought down to earth, and there may be some sadness that comes with this. It feels a bit like a buzzkill to your usual excited state – but ultimately, this aspect is incredibly freeing. It trines Uranus and pushes you to express yourself authentically and for you and you alone. This helps you remove any masks. Maybe you put them on because you thought that’s what other people wanted of you, but their opinions no longer matter. What matters is being yourself. And removing masks and getting vulnerable is exactly where you need to be to form a real, loving connection.

Love Lesson: You must let yourself be seen and expect nothing in return.

Passion Prediction:                            
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
A Sagittarius moon squares Neptune in Pisces and leaves you feeling oddly out of touch with your emotions. This is a rare occasion for someone who’s typically neck deep in their feelings. And don’t get me wrong, you’ll be feeling a lot, but your emotions are likely to lead you astray. They may not even be your own. This is a time to check in with your boundaries. What do you take on that isn’t yours? If you’re putting your partner’s feelings before yours, it’s time to step back and get in touch with what you’re feeling and what you want. It’s great to have compassion for what they’re feeling, but try to summon that same compassion for yourself.

Love Lesson: Your feelings are just as valid as your partner’s feelings.

Passion Prediction:  
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
Quality time with any lover feels great, but watch for how you may be using love to distract yourself from how you feel on your own. Do you use sex and romance to boost your ego and make you feel special and worthwhile? Do you live for the flattery? I understand the allure. If they think you’re that awesome, then maybe you really are that awesome! But guess what? You can’t fill the void inside with someone else’s love. Only you can fill the void. And as long as you’re using love to make you feel special, you won’t be able to feel that way all on your own. And at the end of the day, it’s your face you have to look at in the mirror.

Love Lesson: All the love you experience in this world is filtered through the love you have for yourself.

Passion Prediction:               
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
A new cycle starts in how you think about things. Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. This practical, strategic energy is all about new beginnings. One of the reasons Capricorns are such effective strategists is because they don’t get bogged down in the past. Every moment is a fresh start to create something new and move forward with competence and clarity. This is the lesson you are learning right now. Don’t worry so much about what was or what will be. Take it one step at a time and be where you are. And because Venus is also in Capricorn, this will fuel everything for you – love and work. All you have to do is take your practical observations, combine them with Capricorn’s fresh-start perspective, and birth something new. No big deal. You’ve got this.

Love Lesson: You’re always living a new beginning. Always.

Passion Prediction:              
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re basking in love and healing yourself in the process. This is the real deal, but beware of codependency. Venus conjuncts the sun, sextiles Chiron, and squares Uranus. Whatever love you’re exploring now is a good one. A healing one. A sexually exciting one. It’s easy to get all starry-eyed and lost in how good this feels, but please don’t lose yourself in the process. Stay strong. Don’t compromise on the things that matter. Stand up for yourself where it’s necessary. You’re prone to losing yourself in love. To giving your person the power to define your worth. When you do this, you neglect to realize your own personal power. So if you want this one to last, stay fierce.

Love Lesson: Respect your boundaries and your deal breakers.

Passion Prediction:                     
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
Mars and Jupiter are still super close together in Scorpio. While their union peaked last weekend, their combined energy is still flowing and supporting you! But there’s a lesson to be learned, and this one is about your mind. Your thoughts affect your experience. When you let your fears overtake you, your intuition is turned off and you become out of step with the cosmic flow that leads you to all things wonderful. I know you can see all the ways that things could go wrong, but it’s important to stay upbeat and trust that they will go right. It’s important to remember that right and wrong are just mental constructs. Close your eyes and feel where you are right now. Everything is okay. Stay present. Stay here. Let the universe’s love shine through you.

Love Lesson: You don’t need to fix anything to be worthy of life’s abundance.

Passion Prediction:          
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Your head’s in the clouds, and you’re feeling oh-so-free. This weekend is full of adventure. But when you wake up from it, you’ll likely realize that you were being somewhat foolish and that it’s time to make changes. You’ll be ready to shore up your commitments, hunker down, and get to work. But for now, it’s full speed ahead and loads of fun. The time for hard work is coming, so you might as well enjoy this time. Though be careful not to overindulge – financially or sexually. You’re inclined to let loose and forget about consequences. But there are consequences. So just make sure that you’re being mindful and taking care of yourself.

Love Lesson: As you expand, so does your understanding of love.

Passion Prediction        
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
Fight or flight mode is engaged! You want your freedom to roam, and partnership can feel a bit suffocating. But the problem isn’t with your relationship. It’s with how you’re viewing it. Venus and the sun in Capricorn square Uranus, and Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus. You’re learning something new about the way you see things and the effect this has on how you relate to your partner. If you let life unfold and let yourself absorb this lesson, then your partnership will grow stronger. It’s being supported by Mars, Jupiter, and Chiron. This indicates that your mental clutter is connected to past relationships and maybe even your parents’ marriage. Don’t project other people’s relationships or your relationships with other people onto your current relationship with your partner.

Love Lesson: Stay present with your relationship and honor it as the distinct, unique entity that it is.

Passion Prediction:          
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
This is a weekend to reflect and reset. While other people may be going on ski trips and mini winter getaways, you’ll be exploring the terrain of your mind. Your ruler Uranus is being asked to do a lot of work right now by Venus, Pluto, and the sun, and Mercury and Saturn are coming together to help you out. How you see yourself is expanding. Specifically, how you understand your need for freedom is expanding. What does independence mean to you? What will happen if you lose some of your autonomy? Explore these questions to better understand your rebellious nature and to clarify the next steps forward in your relationship.

Love Lesson: You can be free in love.

Passion Prediction:               
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
The Sagittarius moon squares Neptune in Pisces, but Venus sextiles Chiron in Pisces. This is a bit of an oxymoron – two contradictory energies that you have to learn to balance. The part of you that wants to explore and learn new things can disconnect you from your spiritual truth—which is that you already possess so much knowledge and the ability to travel just by standing still. But by turning to romance, you will heal the part of you that struggles to trust your own wisdom. Spend time with your partner or create some romance all by yourself. You don’t need a lover to get romantic. Buy yourself roses. Scatter the petals in a bath. Pour some wine. Light candles. Put on some sexy lingerie for you.

Love Lesson: Turn up the romance to tune into your worth.

Passion Prediction: 

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