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Your Weekend Love Horoscope for December 22 to December 24: A Holiday Gift is Coming Your Way From the Cosmos Your Weekend Love Horoscope for December 22 to December 24: A Holiday Gift is Coming Your Way From the Cosmos

Hello winter! Hello Capricorn! Hello sweet relief! Saturn has completed its transition into Capricorn, and on Friday, Mercury goes direct. Let the stress seep out. Let clarity sink in. You’re almost through this rough ride. You have just three things left to do this year: heal the wounds that have come between you and lasting love, get clear and focus your mind, and let Capricorn carry you up the hill to everything you want in 2018. Love may hurt this weekend, but these are just growing pains. The sun, Venus, and Saturn are uniting to propel you forward, and the Pisces moon is helping you heal what holds you back so you can leave it in 2017. Onwards, my loves, onwards.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Don’t resist the changes. They’re coming either way, and a fall hurts a lot less if you relax the muscles around your bones. So relax into this. Your love is strong, and if you’re partnered, your lover has your back. The changes you face are about how you relate to your independence. Trust yourself right now. Trust your partner. Trust what you feel drawn to do. Uranus in Aries squares Pluto but trines Venus, Saturn, and the sun. Things are coming together. Mars in Scorpio continues to push your spiritual growth and bind you to your love. It’s this spiritual growth that is causing tremendous change. What have you learned? What do you sense is real?
Love Lesson: Love is real. Love is everything.

Passion Prediction:                       
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus conjuncts Saturn and squares Chiron. If you’ve been in a relationship that doesn’t make sense, you can’t justify staying in it any longer. You want something solid and real. You are feeling all of the ways you’ve limited yourself in love. You’re feeling the pain it’s caused you, and you’re ready to break free. If you’re in a loving partnership, you’re facing similar challenges and realizing how you can create more love in your union. If you’re single, don’t let yourself become consumed by grief. I know it can be disappointing and frustrating not to have found the love you want. But the real grief here isn’t about the lover you haven’t found. It’s about the love you hadn’t found in yourself until now. Trust that none of your life has been a waste of time. It has all gotten you here.

Love Lesson:  Grieve lost love, then make way for gratitude.
Passion Prediction:                     

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Mercury goes direct! This is your holiday treat. You’re through the toughest part of this month, and now it’s time to move on with greater clarity and comfort. The moves you take now will help you express yourself through all of 2018, so stay true and listen to your heart. Recognize how being a social butterfly helps you attract so much love into your life – even if it’s casual and fleeting. Say thanks for all of the different shapes love has taken and spend time celebrating, especially if you’ve been invited to any parties. Venus is working alongside many planets this weekend, so you just might meet someone who has lasting potential. Sunday may bring tears, as the moon conjuncts Neptune and squares Mercury, but these are very likely tears of relief.

Love Lesson: All the hard love lessons pave the road to lasting love.

Passion Prediction:                       
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re in a bit of a funk on Friday, but that energy will pass by Saturday. Then it’s time to embrace all of your warm and fuzzy feelings and sexual excitement! The Pisces moon sextiles Venus and trines Mars.  Life feels good, and you’re floating through your feelings with ease. It’s those pesky thoughts that get in the way on Sunday. Mercury has just turned direct, but you’re struggling to accept its lessons. The hard truth you see now disrupts your happy feels, and who wants that? I get it, but don’t resist it. It’s time to be honest about what feels off in your love life. You’ve been trying to convince yourself that there aren’t any problems – or that you are the problem. But this issue is real, and it isn’t your fault.

Love Lesson: Problems in partnership are best faced head on, with kindness, as a team.

Passion Prediction:       
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
The season for adventure has come to close, and practicality sets in. If you want to accomplish your goals, you have to get to work, and you can’t keep messing around. This goes for love, too. Venus quickly approaches the sun in Capricorn. Life is about tangible goals. So what are your goals? What do you want? Reflect on partnership. Close your eyes and visualize your day-to-day experience with a lover. Feel how this lover makes you feel. Now open your eyes while holding that feeling in your mind. This is the feeling you want. This is the feeling you’ll call into your current partnership or the one you’re attracting. Go for what you want!

Love Lesson: The love you can imagine is the love you can attract.

Passion Prediction:              
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
If you’ve been feeling a bit like you’re losing your mind, rest assured, things are about to get easier. Your ruler, Mercury, is turning direct and moves completely out of the retrograde shadow on January 10. So this weekend, enjoy tensions lifting. You’re still working through some of the protective walls you’ve built, but clarity will come in the next couple of weeks. Trust that you are on your path, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’re unlikely to experience any great romantic epiphanies or encounters right now. This time has a lot more to do with taking a pause and just being, so don’t worry about getting a lot done. There will be plenty of time for that in the weeks to come as we move deeper into Capricorn.

Love Lesson: When in doubt, take a break from deciding what’s next.

Passion Prediction:           
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus conjuncts Saturn! A major love lesson is heading your way. Sometimes Saturn’s lessons don’t feel great, but they’re always exactly what we need. Your self care and your sexual pleasure are being taken care of, so most likely, this lesson is coming in terms of healing old wounds. Venus squares Chiron, and Chiron represents both our wounding and our healing, making this weekend a combination of both. Think fighting and making up (and probably having makeup sex). Whatever tension arises now hits a very sensitive point that you need to address to further solidify your romantic commitment. Conflicts in love can drive you apart or bring you closer together. In the best relationships, it’s always the latter. That’s because you both want to stay close. You’re both choosing that.

Love Lesson: Every couple fights. Those that don’t are lying or about to burst.

Passion Prediction:                   
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re feeling all the love! The moon trines Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio while Mars sextiles Venus. You are in your zone, connected to your highest self, and focused on what matters most – the people you love. You’re fiercely honest and brave. This works in your favor as a natural filter. The people who stick by you through the years are courageous and unconditionally loving – just like you. If you’re partnered, it’s serious because you won’t settle for anything less, and if you’re single, it’s because you haven’t found the person who can handle your demanding emotional bravery. Your standards are through the roof. This can cause you to be a bit hard on people, but believe me, I know from personal experience that you simply see the best in people and want the best for the world. It may cause tension, but in the end, it leaves you with all this love. Look around, can you feel it now?

Love Lesson: No bullshit. No games. Can’t lose.

Passion Prediction:             
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
It’s Venus’ last few days in Sagittarius. Make the most of it by surrounding yourself with friends and family and experiences that open your heart to love. The energy supports great sex and loads of confidence, but you have some crap to sort through. Venus squares Neptune, Chiron, and the moon in Pisces. How are you hiding from the truth about your love life? What are you denying? This weekend is about getting real with yourself, and you likely won’t have a choice. The truth may show up in unexpected ways. You think you’re over that ex? You think it doesn’t affect you anymore? Take note. Every experience comes in to teach us something, and it’s not going away until you learn your lesson. It’s not enough to think you’ve learned the message. You have to really feel and process it.

Love Lesson: Denying your heartbreak only works for so long.

Passion Prediction     
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
Your season is here. The sun and Saturn just moved into Capricorn, and Venus joins them on Sunday. This is a potent time for going after what you want – financially and romantically. The world is feeling what you have to offer and is ready to work hard alongside you. Your committed, practical, and reliable approach to love is highly desirable, so now is the time to get more serious with your partner or go meet someone new. But first, Venus squares Chiron, so there’s likely some tension coming up that needs to be worked through before Venus enters your sign. What hurt or fear do you carry from old lovers and past lives? You can’t carry these with you into the next stage of your life.

Love Lesson: Strive to heal your baggage and give every lover a clean slate.

Passion Prediction:        
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
Both Uranus and Friday’s Aquarius moon are lighting up your love life. Things aren’t perfect and rosy right now, but they are good. You feel settled and comfortable in your romantic situation – whatever it is. You have just the right balance of personal space and romance, and you worked hard to get to this place of emotional comfort, so take the time to relax and celebrate. While you’re always fine being alone, and you’re probably able to be quite productive this weekend, you’ll experience the most joy from being with your lover. So make space for this. If you don’t, you’ll likely drift into thinking you don’t have the love you want, but you do, so use quality time with your lover to remind yourself.

Love Lesson: Enjoy just being in love. You don’t have to make it anything other than it is.

Passion Prediction:             
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
A Pisces moon trines Mars in Scorpio, making this is a super sexy, powerful, witchy time for you. The moon also sextiles Venus on Saturday, making that the best time for all things romance. But while all of that is going on, you’re also battling some demons in your mind. Mercury just went direct, but your Pisces energy challenges the clarity it tries to deliver. You may feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole as you try to keep all the negative thoughts at bay. But instead of labeling your thoughts as bad and trying to stop them, just let them pass through. Observe them. Write them down and meditate on them. This helps you get to know yourself better and helps you understand more clearly what you want.???????

Love Lesson: Have patience as your mind syncs with your heart.
Passion Prediction: 

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