When you’re 64% Sagittarius, you’re Gael Garcia Bernal, the most Saggo person on the planet. The talented actor has the Sun, Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Midheaven, Mars, and Neptune in Sagittarius, spanning the 9th & 10th houses.

He identifies as Sagg as well, invoking his Sun sign to explain his restlessness during an interview: “Ay, I was getting a bit— I’m very Sagittarius…I cannot sit down for a long time (laughs)”

And…his methods for transmuting negativity: “I’m a Sagittarius, and we’re always pretty optimistic. I get frustrated by things like everyone else, but it doesn’t stay with me for very long. I try to think long-term. And I remind myself, stay open, to good and to bad, always stay open.”

Sagittarius Take: Love Is The Ability To Contemplate Together

He likes running, avocados, and funk, says he is Catholic as well as spiritually agnostic, hates selfies, is superstitious and that the most important thing to him in a relationship is “the ability to contemplate together.

In what could be the best Sagittarius Mideaven flex yet, he was a teenage soap star and activist, part of the 1994 Zapatista uprising. He’s consistently pushed against the confines of Mexican and Latin-American culture, playing characters ‘in taboo relationships’, nearly being excommunicated by the Vatican and producing documentaries that are openly critical of his country’s security forces.

An aside for anyone with the heebie-geebies about Pluto crossing their Midheaven. Bernal’s 2003/2004 Pluto-Midheaven transit was The Motorcycle Diaries, playing the young Che Guevara. It scaled him into global recognition.

Bernal is Pisces Rising – note the goobly Man From Atlantis eyes – and has that Ascendant’s ability to appear unaware of his looks. Beauty, he says, is diluted by time but talent is immune.

“I’m Very Sagittarius…”

He calls the current crisis/Black Mirror reality tv show a ‘reinvention’ – a super-Mutable trait right there. (If things aren’t reinventing, Mutable people don’t get bored; they freak.)

There’s something more straightforward now in how we see things – it’s stronger, more elemental, and pulsating. We’re so emotionally charged. Artistic expression can affect us for the better, making us feel we’re all in this questioning together.

Yes, he acknowledges that he spent much of the pandemic lockdown on a tropical beach shooting an M Night Shyamalan movie but still. He’s a magnificent spokes-Sagg, don’t you think?

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