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Venus in the 11th House



Venus or Shukra in the celestial world is the epitome of grace, pleasure and love. Venus in the 11th house denotes the independence and ability to make cordial relationships with the individual.

The person under Venus in the 11th house is devoted to cheerful nature. The people have an appealing personality with a successful career in the field of mass media and entertainment.


Venus within the 11th House from Lagna for all Predominance

Under the 11th house of the Venus the person is socially interactive with the quality of achieving success. The person is very particular about their career which makes them achieve success while working diligently. The person can fall in love with the elderly age people. This makes them emotionally sensitive. However, the person is fearless and has decision making capacity.


Effect of Venus in the 11th House from Lagna to all Predominance

The effects of Venus in the 11th house are upon the person’s degree of dominance, maleficent and affliction. However, the change in behavioral pattern varies from person to person.

The person is inclined towards intoxication which increases their hardship to achieve a good life. The person is talented which makes him stand with esteem. This talent can be helpful in achieving the desired goals.


Effect of the Venus in the 11th House on Career

The career options available for the person are in choreography and dancing. Business in textiles, cosmetics and marbles can make a person prosperous.

 The prosperity of the individual lies in the marketing sector with the opportunity to increase sales and increase the profit margin. The person can be a good orator which gives them the opportunity to be vocal about their thoughts. The literary career can be a way to earn livelihood.


Venus in the 11th House in Natal Chart and Finance


Effect of Venus in the 11th House

The person in the 11th house becomes wealthy with the opportunity to gain more financial security. The person in the job will achieve good income with the opportunity of attaining success. The person will attain financial security till 30 years of age with a comfortable life.

The person who reaches the age of 60 will have good investment. The person has the support of family and relatives. However, financial struggle is less with the blessings of the supreme Lord. The person can achieve wealth through business contracts and investing in brokerage.


Effect of Venus in the 11th House in Kundli and Love

The person under Venus in the 11th house has many emotional struggles with upheaval in their love life. The person will have an intermittent relationship with their lover. The lovers may experience an amicable separation which will build trust issues within them.

The person will be involved in the romantic relationship with their lover leading to a love marriage. This love relationship may become an obstacle in the path of success. This love should not deter the person from achieving their goals. However, old love will blossom again. But love and romance may lead to emotional disturbances which cause a mental trauma.


Effect of Venus in the 11th House on Astrology and Marital Relationship

The marital relationship under the 11th house of Venus is stable with loyalty being the dominant. The marriage will be a source of happiness in the person’s life with a physically attractive spouse. An attractive spouse will help maintain a good sensual relationship fulfilling all the desires of the married life.

     The spouse will help the person in their venture to earn a livelihood. As the breadwinner of the family the person will get the support of their spouses with respect and love. The marital relationship will be based upon dignity and integrity of the couple. The person will get financial help in the professional field.


Effect of Venus in the 11th House in Kundli and Profit and Loss

The person under the 11th house of Venus may attain financial stability but the chances of loss under bad influence are prevalent. This needs to be taken under consideration by the individual.

The person can attain financial security by the age of 30 but the hard work and sincerity can lead to the higher achievements. The person has leadership qualities as they are in the position of the leader in their society and familial ties. The familial ties play an important role to get monetary gains. Thus, the person enjoys a prosperous life with the opportunity of attaining more wealth.


Effect of the Venus in the 11th House in Kundli, Cordial Relationship and Networking

The person under the influence of the 11th House of Venus is very cordial showing loyalty in love. The loyalty demands sacrifices in friendship which may affect the friendship. However, the person can make sacrifices in friendship to help their friend.

The person is socially interactive with a large group of friends. The person needs to be conscious from coming in contact with the bad people who can take their good nature for granted. The person is very influential with many contacts with a good career. The person will get the support of their co – workers and higher authorities in the workplace which will lead to a cordial environment in the workplace. The person is attractive in the eyes of the opposite gender.

The person is socially enthusiastic in the public sphere with a cheerful nature. The cheerful nature of the person is appealing in the eyes of the people.


Effect of Venus in the 11th House in Kundli and Horoscope

The Venus in the 11th House expresses freedom and independence. The person will have a positive outlook towards other people. The person will have an inclination towards creativity. The person has artistic skills.

The relationship with the colleagues and family will be stable and amicable. The person has an inclination to pursue physical exercises which includes horse riding, boxing and racing.



Malefic Venus in the 11th House can create problems in every aspect of life. The chances of financial gains may be the result of loss under the malefic Venus of the 11th House. These difficult situations can be avoided by upright behavior and hard work.









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