Uranus, take the wheel…actually no, don’t.

This current level of involvement is quite enough, thank you. Uranus has been extra-intensive since Sunday and is trine – the closest trine I’ve ever seen – to the impending New Moon in Virgo.

How can the planet that rules space anomalies, the Zhen trigram, Aquarians, the Tower of the Tarot, Kevlar, and coups integrate with a sensual and sensible Earth elemental New Moon in Virgo?

You’re doing it! One way or another, you’re grounding your ingenuity and the spacier parts of your consciousness…Not out-there, here. Rather than relegating your Uranian hypotheticals to the everlasting later, you’re melding the weirdness with your everyday.

New Moons are monthly rhythm resets, subtle and subjective. The Uranian influence makes it a remix- if it feels chaotic, great! Uranus vibe questions everything, and Virgo Moon vibe is investigative.  Uranus is in Taurus & has an affinity with the Virgo Moon. Radical shifts of attitude, relationship dynamics and structural settings are not only more likely at this time, they’re easier.

So, how are you going with it?

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