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The Scorpio Moon and Sun-Neptune Opposition Need Handling!

The Weekly Horoscopes are up and, I hope, helpful.

And if you’re finding this current astral atmosphere difficult, it’s not just you. By “current” I mean the Scorpio Moon/Sun-Neptune opposition that’s been in effect for the last several hours and lingers over the weekend. (For my broader take on the year and likely exit out of this fuqery, see What The Astro-Fuq?)

More immediately: The Scorpio Moon emphasizes the Saturn-Uranus square, a phenom that needs no emphasis. Additionally, this Moon is like a lunar spy that infiltrates itself into your cognitive archives and extracts incriminating intel.

The Sun Is Conjunct Asteroid Atropos – A Fate Goddess

If you manage to yank your focus away from that, you’re drawn to deep-trawl ‘the news.’  In a less whack era and without the next factor on my s***t  list, the Scorp Moon would be excellent. Introspection, a goth mindset, and seeing beyond facades are legit hobbies. It can draw you to examine areas of life and psyche that you’d usually keep powered down. Way down.

However, the Sun is also opposite Neptune. Not only that, the Sun in Virgo is conjunct asteroid Atropos, one of the three Fate Goddesses. Asteroids are sub-tones but this somber influence does add another layer to the picture. The Sun-Atropos and the fixed sign intensity can make it feel as if things – you, even! – are never going to change.

Neptune in opposition mists the entire scenario with indigo disco mist which would be lovely as an antidote to the Sun-Atropos config but guess what happens instead? It meets the Scorpio Moon and becomes heavy fog. Sharp, effective action can be elusive under such circumstances.

Neptunian Disco Mist Turns To Fog With This Scorp Moon

A Scorpio Moon with the Sun and Neptune opposing is not “bad” but for best results, you need to work the Neptune. Edward Snowden, Margot Robbie, Alanis Morrisette, and Johnny Cash were all born with it. Note the complexity, charisma, and magnetic tug toward exploring darker themes or characters.

Interestingly, Pluto was discovered with this exact astro: A Scorpio Moon and the Sun opposite Neptune. It is also the 20 year anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks that began the GWOT – yes, the one that has just ‘ended’ with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan.

Whether you’re an avid political scientist or vaguely aware of the scenario, it’s poignant and sad for multiple reasons.

Postpone The Self-Audit

SO, given that this is all a bit of an emotional liability, be pleasant to yourself. Of course, it can be helpful to self-audit for mistakes or potential screw-ups but not this weekend.

Here are a few quick points:

(1) The ‘fixed’ intensity is not permanent – it’s actually the end of nearly a decade of hardcore outer planet squares. See What The Astro-Fuq? for more on this reassuring fact. A lot of scenarios are in flux and already altering beneath the surface. Many things feel more definitive than they probably have the capability to be in the long run.

(2)  Consciously direct your mind away from darker topics this weekend – it’s really not the best time for such explorations and they won’t make you more effective. Watching romcoms, exploring a cool tangent in your work, or doing some mad baking is productive. If you think about it, elite martial artists don’t walk around with their fists clenched all the time or doom-scroll potential aggravations they could have to fight. They’re relaxed, knowing that they have what it takes to muster a rapid response if needed.

(3) Going the full Neptune could be amazing: it’s the most potent planet at the moment and elementally harmonious with the Scorpio Moon + (soon) Venus. “Defog” it by consciously recommiting to magical thinking and the natural world around you: your locale and its trees, wild animals, etc. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitive flashes by apportioning some time to them every day – if you don’t get remarkable results, try another time. It’s not obligatory and there are no ‘rules’ to it.



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