“This is some renegade ’70s era feminist shit going on – I’ve never lived through anything like it.”
Rebecca Traister – Via The Cut


Seriously I know that Jupiter is now in Scorpio and thus accentuating muck-raking and socio-cultural subliminal depths but this is nuts. It feels like the media is now a constant flow of sleazy revelations.  What is going on?  Jupiter in Scorpio or more?

It is in synergy with Neptune and could almost mount a case for this scuzzy slimy shit being exposed and denounced as being an enhancement of true Neptune values – art, beauty, cinema, creativity, artists, photography and magic.

Neptune is show-biz – the seduction, fame, bringing to life of stories and crazy money as well as all the Hollywood Babylon, Mulholland Drive, Day of the Locust style of narratives.

Lower Neptune can also be substance addiction and Soul Vacation Syndrome – where your soul goes off to god-knows-where while you still show up, present as “hot” or “normal” and seduce/consume.

Hollywood is widely considered to have been “born” in October 1911 – when the first movie studio was established. This WAS a trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Cancer.  It was also Pluto in late Gemini –  Hollywood’s Pluto is now being opposed by Saturn in Sagittarius.

But still, it’s not enough – this feels like a shift in consciousness – a collective rise-up of women (and some men) saying enough. Enough with the casual acceptance and explanations for the unacceptable.  And along with all the grotty memory triggers, a healing. Hearing and reading so many peoples stories and the widespread condemnation is remedial.


Manuel Bujados 
Mad Max – Furiosa 

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