Welcome to May, a month named after Maia, an original Earth Goddess and Queen Star of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are not only an aspirational home address for ambitious star-seeders, they’re the most esoterically significant zone of Taurus.

I could go on but this is a practical post and I am doing something really cool on the Pleiades and Maia soon.

So, the May Monthly Horoscopes are posted, complete with Eclipse Season notes and other helpful – I  hope! – intel for each sign. But months like this are when the Personal Daily Horoscopes really come into their own – precision-timing and working with your unique assets-liabilities spectrum is everything.

I have just added the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Mp3 transcript to the product, by popular request. If you purchased it already, it should pop up in your downloads folder if you click ‘download’ on the Mercury Retro Mp3 item. Any probs, email [email protected]

An FAQ of late: Where is the live chat window? I removed it as I thought it was compromising security.

And, the Oracle! It was recently refreshed and all the questions should be showing. If the one you think should be there is not, please can email support as above?

Finally, Aquarians, what do you think of my theory in the May scopes? I think I’m onto something.

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