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A rockin’ total lunar full moon eclipse in the sign of Aries will boldly light up the sky tonight/early tomorrow morning (depending on where you live). A lunar eclipse means that the earth will be exactly between the sun and the moon casting a shadow on the moon. With this lunar configuration, we can expect the unexpected to reveal itself. To up the ante, this astrological phenomenon is happening while Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde.

Get ready to wake up!

The first total lunar eclipse this year occurred on April 15th, right at the time of Grand Cardinal Cross. Do you remember April? Many of us were at a junction in our lives then. What changes did April 2014 bring to your life? Where are you right now in the context of where you were then? Think back to April and consider what has shifted for you since the new moon in Aries, March 30, 2014. This full moon is the culmination of intentions set six months prior and will likely reveal our next set of directives!

(Please note, this full moon eclipse and the new moon eclipse to come on October 23rd have much sweeter energy than the eclipses earlier in the year!)

I know in my life, April is when I moved out of Brooklyn to take residence in a small town on a quiet little lake in upstate New York, breaking free from urban dwelling for a while. It was a much-needed change of pace that offered me respite and replenishment in the way my soul most craved. I am looking forward to any further realizations on the topic of finding balance between my need for city life and country life to percolate this full moon. Bring it, baby!

Eclipses stir up what needs to change.

They have a tendency to take away what is no longer working and to show us precisely what needs to evolve. Since this eclipse is happening four days after Mercury began its retrograde cycle, think of this lunar event like a roto-rooter for your soul. It’s going to clear through what’s blocked and bring to the surface precisely what needs letting go of. Whatever you are still hanging onto will come up for review again at this particular time. Yeehaw ladies! It is time to see all that escapes our consciousness in the hustle and bustle of our regular day to day lives.

Here is a mini-ritual for this full moon eclipse that will help you to invite in your highest level of triumph and victory:

To get started, bust out your journal, dim the lights and light a candle or two. Get comfortable and ready to go within! Allow yourself to relax. Now, close your eyes and begin to think back to the spring equinox of 2014. In your mind’s eye, review all of the events that have happened since late March. Let the last six months pass through your vision like a film.

Now that you mentally reviewed your last six months, ask yourself this: Where am I now compared to where I was in late March?

Once you get a clear understanding of this, open your eyes and begin to compile a list of all of the ways your life shifted since the end of March.

As you journal your answers, begin to allow your attention to shift into areas of your life that you still want to change. Go within again and ask yourself this: What adjustments in my life do I need to make? Once you hear your answer(s), open your eyes and capture it in your journal!

Now ask yourself this: What decisions do you know your heart is ready to make that you’ve resisted? Again, repeat the process of going within, and listening. Then be sure to jot down exactly what you hear.

Decide on the most important shift you want to focus on making right now. Ask yourself this: What action am I ready to take on behalf of making changes in my life? Be certain to write down your answer!

Don’t stop there– move forward into action. Remember as you grow and evolve, you impact the entire world! Commit to making the changes you are ready for and follow through.

I’d love to hear what’s coming to consciousness for you this full moon. Feel free to leave a comment below!

Big hugs and warm regards,


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