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The 5 Best Sex Positions for Virgo The 5 Best Sex Positions for Virgo

Best Sex Positions for Virgo:  Torch // Lazy Dog // Aphrodite // Thirst // Shining

As the sixth sign of the zodiac, earth sign Virgo—born between August 23 and September 22—is known to be particular, analytical, serviceable, whip smart, and thoughtful. The Virgin infuses his or her sex life with their giving, detail-oriented, and grounded manner… but eager to express what’s in their hearts and minds in a sensual, earthy way.  

Ruled by information-seeking Mercury, getting out of their own head can prove to be a bit of a challenge for the mutable sign. And while Virgos may have the tendency to come across as coy or shy (or at least picky about who they open up to), once they feel comfortable with you on an intellectual level, they’ll be prepared to unleash their inner sexual god or goddess. 

More than anything though, Virgos are perfectionists who want to be of service to those they care about, so they’re enthusiastic about exploring (and perfecting) their partner’s fetishes and tastes. For this reason, some may lean into submissive behavior in the bedroom. But they’re also more than capable of speaking up about their, at times highly specific, wants and needs.

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To help, here are five sex positions that will please an adoring Virgo. (Be sure to check out the favorite sex positions for every other zodiac sign as well!).


torch sex

How you do it: The giver kneels, while the receiver sits facing the giver, throwing her legs on his shoulders while she hugs his back and throws back her head. The giver wraps his arms around the receiver’s back, controlling the tempo and pace while he penetrates. This sensual position offers Virgo a challenge and can get her out of her head, as its a shape that require focus to maintain.

Lazy Dog

How you do it: The receiver lies on her stomach, arms bent at the elbows and legs wide apart, one bent at the knee. The giver then lies ontop of her, covering her with his entire body as he penetrates her from behind. To ease some of the weight burden, he can prop himself up on his hands. In this position, a submissive Virgo gets to feel fully dominated by their partner, while close contact amplifies intimacy.

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Aphrodite sex

How you do it: Virgo will feel like a total sex goddess in this loving, sensual position. The giver sits, stretching his legs out in front of him, while the receiver sits on top, facing to the side, allowing her partner to wrap his arms under her thighs  From there, the position works like a classic cowgirl/cowboy position, both partners able to control the rhythm while the receiver sits “side saddle.” The pose allows for plenty of kissing and caressing.


How you do it: In this passionate lovemaking position, partners lie on their sides facing one another, wrapping their arms around one another’s necks. The giver then wraps her hand around the receiver’s back, sliding one leg between her partner’s legs, which she can encircle with her hips as the giver penetrates her. In this position, the face-to-face contact allows for sexy eye contact and kissing (which, when done to her liking, can absolutely get a Virgo out of her head).  



How you do it: Foreplay is absolutely crucial for a Virgo to turn off their intellectual brain and let emotions and sensation take over, so oral sex is a must—especially when he can give at the same time as he receives. In this position, one partner lies on their side, shoulder on a pillow, arm outstretched, and legs half bent. His partner can then lie in the opposite direction to go down on his or her lover, as they pleasure them in return.

Art by Marissa Cuevas

Lead photo courtesy of Twenty20

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