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The 5 Best Sex Positions for Libra The 5 Best Sex Positions for Libra

Let’s get swept away with the best sex positions for Libra! The seventh sign of the zodiac, air sign Libra—born between September 23 and October 22—is known to be charming, social, diplomatic, and peace- and balance-seeking. Libra’s graceful, aesthetic-minded, romantic style comes into play in the bedroom. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the cardinal air sign is known to be perhaps the biggest fan of all the trappings of whimsical fairy tales, from well-planned date nights to gorgeous lingerie, candles and love songs, or sweet nothings whispered by his or her partner.

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All of this is potentially necessary mood-setting for a Libra before getting intimate. Once they do, they’re vocal, tender, and spontaneous, happy to enjoy foreplay in the middle of a lazy weekend afternoon or come home and get it on after seeing and being seen on the party circuit. No matter what time of day they’re enjoying this one-on-one time, Libra wants to be seduced and feel emotionally connected to their partner. That said, as a cardinal sign, they have no problem taking charge, even if it is simply by telling their partner point-blank what they need—or perhaps role-playing.

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Here, five sex positions that will make a Libra fall head over heels, and check out all the best sex positions for every other zodiac sign here.

The “68” 

Best Sex Positions for Libra
How you do it: While it feel a bit more selfish than the classic “69”—in which both partners perform oral sex simultaneously—the “68” allows for taking turns and experience overall bliss. The receiver lies on her back, while the giver lies on top of her, in the opposite direction, allowing her to cradle her pelvis and pleasure them orally. Libra will adore being treated to this erotic delight and be enthusiastic about switching between receiving and giving.

Lying Doggy

How you do it: This doggystyle position gets an intimacy boost by basically being spooning with the added bonus of penetration. Lying on her side, the receiver curves the back of her body into the front of the giver’s body, after which he can enter her from behind. A move that would make this position even more romantic—and therefore, Libran: doing it in front of a mirror. That way, partners can stare loving into one another’s eyes.


Best Sex Positions for Libra

How you do it: The receiver lies on her side, supporting her upper body by resting on her elbow. The giver then sits between his partner’s legs, lifting one leg and wrapping it around the side of his body. From there, he can prop himself up with his arms, adoringly caress his partner’s breasts or even stimulate her clitoris as he penetrates her deeply. This passionate position will have a Libra feeling like the leading character of a romance novel.

The Soft Rock

How you do it: This variation on the missionary position allows for lots of steamy, loving eye contact and touching, cranking up the romance quotient to Libra’s liking. The receiver lies on bottom while the giver lies on top, but instead of being on his elbows, he slides a few inches forward, placing his arms on either side of the giver’s shoulders, then lies flush against his partner. The receiver then tilts his hips up a couple of inches, meeting the giver as he pushes down. Instead of traditional penetration, this position allows for rocking against one another, which can feel especially intimate.


Best Sex Positions for Libra
How you do it: Considered the symbol of divine union and the posture in which partners are united between Heaven and Earth, this Tantric sex position can light up Libra’s inner spiritual, partnership-oriented nature. The giver sits cross-legged while the receiver sits on his upper thighs, wrapping her legs around him and crossing her ankles behind him. The partners can then rock against one another during penetration, gazing into one another’s eyes, syncing their breathing and rhythm, bolstering their alignment emotionally and physically.

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