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The 5 Best Sex Positions for Leos The 5 Best Sex Positions for Leos

Let’s crank up the heat with the best sex positions for Leo!

  1. The Elephant
  2. The Amazon
  3. Captain
  4. The Spider Web
  5. The Leo


The fifth sign of the zodiac, fire sign Leo—born between July 23 and August 22—is known to be charismatic, outgoing, confident, and courageous. And that self-assured, warm, regal vibe shows up in the bedroom more than anything else. Expect multiple rounds of giving-and-receiving pleasure, playing with high-end toys or wearing couture lingerie, role-playing, and luxuriating in the finer things in life (fancy candles, dessert, silk sheets).

Ruled by the fiery sun, Leos are usually passionate, enthusiastic, even occasionally theatrical lovers who will openly share their wants and needs, owning their sexuality and sexual prowess in a dynamic way. Whether they’re telling their partner exactly what they want, growling, moaning, or making sexy eye contact, Leos are shameless in expressing their desires and even showing off in bed.

Just like the planets revolve around the sun, and we worship its rays, the Lion appreciates—and may even require—their lovers fawning over them, showering them with compliments like, “You’re so hot!” or staring at them adoringly. As a fixed sign, they may find comfort in certain routines and need a bit of coaxing to trade their cozy comfort zone for uncharted territory.

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Here, five sex positions that will fire up a loving Leo, and check out all the best sex positions for every other zodiac sign here.

The Elephant


How you do it: To master this comfortable position, the giver kneels and leans back slightly. The receiver then gets on the giver’s knees, facing her partner,  wrapping her legs around the giver’s body. From there, she can wrap her arms around her partner’s neck and lean slightly back as the giver hugs her with arms around her waist.  This face-to-face position allows for tons of dirty banter with eye contact, kissing, breast touching, and free, wild movement, which is sure to get an affection-craving Leo all riled up.

The Amazon

How you do it: This variation on the classic cowgirl/cowboy position is perfect for the Leo receiver who loves dominating their partner. The giver lies on his back and brings his knees to his chest. The receiver squats down, lowering herself on top of him and wrapping his legs around her sides. This one’s sure to make a Leo feel like adored royalty.

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How you do it: The receiver lies on his back, legs out wide in a V shape. The giver then kneels between the receiver’s legs, taking his ankles in his hands. From here, the giver can penetrate while the receiver can stroke his body, putting on an applause-worthy performance.  Whether the Leo is the giver or receiver, this steamy position allows the fire sign to run the show or show off like the natural-born star they are.

The Spider Web

How you do it: Giver and receiver face one another and scissor their legs through one anothers. The position allows for unparalleled physical closeness and heart-to-heart contact, while the type of penetration that can be achieved with interlocked legs feels animalistic. In this position, both partners can kiss, lick, nibble, or bite one another’s breasts, necks, ears, cheeks, making for an intensely intimate and sensual experience that is sure to appeal even when Leo is craving lazy morning or weekend sex.  


Leo sex

How you do it: Aptly named, this variation on doggystyle allows the giver to get his or her cardio in while the receiver gets to feel like the wild, leonine queen or king she is. The receiver lies on her belly, putting her hands ahead of her and bending her elbows. She also bends one leg so that her torso is slightly elevated. The giver then penetrates from behind while crouched over her booty.

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Art by Marissa Cuevas; Lead photo courtesy of Twenty20

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