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The 5 Best Sex Positions for Gemini The 5 Best Sex Positions for Gemini

Let’s get real about the best sex positions for Gemini! As the third sign of the zodiac, air sign Gemini—born between May 21 and June 20—is known to be intellectually curious, endlessly social, and highly adept as a communicator.

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This vocal vibe quite often extends to the Twins’ sexual style, making them fans of dirty talk and sensual sounds. (In fact, sending a Gemini a steamy audio file can be even more effective than sharing X-rated photos.) The mutable sign’s penchant for sexy storytelling and conversation is fueled by their key planet Mercury (which rules communication, transportation, and technology). Given their changeability and airiness, the Twins loves perpetually switching up positions, locations, scenarios, etc., and they may become easily bored by lovemaking that’s slow, sensual, vanilla, and/or predictable.

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Here, five sex positions that could capture the imagination and hold the attention of a Gemini, and check out all the best sex positions for every other zodiac sign here.


Best Sex Positions for Gemini

Likely referred as such because the receiver lies flat (like geographical areas of the same name), this rear entry position is anything but boring. The recipient lies on her stomach with her arms straight in front of her, slightly lifting her torso and bending her knees. The partner doing the penetrating then lies on top of the receiver with his legs to the outside of the receiver’s bent ones. In this position, because the recipient has her upper body slightly lifted, the couple can kiss and exchange dirty whispers, all while making love in a creative shape.

Split Missionary

How you do it: The partner receiving penetration lies on his back while the giver enters him from above, just like missionary, but the difference here is that the receiver stretches his legs in the air and in a V-shape, or as far out in the air as they’ll go. This makes for seriously deep penetration and the ability for both partners to whisper, groan, moan, or kiss one another’s ears, necks, and mouths to their hearts’ content.

The Lotus Flower

Best Sex Positions for Gemini

How you do it: The giver sits cross-legged or with legs straight ahead of him, and the receiving partner sits in his lap facing him. She then wraps her legs around the giver’s waist or puts them up on his shoulders for even deeper penetration. This allows communicator Gemini to hear and deliver a veritable symphony of erotic sounds in the closest possible way. Plus, it’s possible to move from this position into others (like missionary or cowgirl/cowboy) quickly, preempting monotony.

The Necklace of Venus

How you do it: The receiver sits on the edge of a countertop, couch, or bed with the giver stands and enters her while facing her. The receiver can then wrap her legs around the giver and control the tempo, pace, amount of pressure, etc. by leaning back or forward. The face-to-face aspect of this position is perfect for chatty Gemini who adores hearing and delivering raunchy words while making eye contact.


Best Sex Positions for Gemini

How you do it: The receiving partner sits with her arms back behind her, her weight in her palms. The giving partner then gets on one knee between her spread legs as she puts her calves onto her shoulders, and her booty comes off the ground. The giver gets on one bent knee, the other at 90 degrees and can then hold the receiver up in the air while entering and penetrating her. This more advanced position offers the opportunity for face-to-face interaction, and makes curious, experimental Gemini feel like they’re trying something exciting, challenging, and new.

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