Saturn squares Uranus all year and apart from the truculence, political tedium, and brinksmanship, it is a time troll.

It’s not only lockdowns or the groundhog day ad infinitum nature of pandemic factors: Saturn reps chronological time aka Newton time.

It’s linear and big on status-deadline indicators. You know those stupid insurance ads that make you fear you’re missing about a million metrics of normality?

Uranus is Kairos time aka Einstein time, non-linear and freakishly magic. Think multiple timelines or of those moments when you’ve pre-cogged the future without effort.

Currently, Saturn is time-trolling Uranus, generating immense pressure for Uranian people , Aquarians and Taureans.

The results will eventually be rad and it is arguably a prerequisite for Pluto in Aquarius, but it’s the astrological grind of 2021.

The last time Saturn squared Uranus it was 1999 and things were a fuq load funkier.  That was Saturn in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius – the flipped version of 2021’s version.

Every day of that year was like a time warp as well and events like the Seattle Riots against the WTO – the first – Columbine and the JFK Jr plane crash felt poignant and historic even as they occurred. But culturally, it felt more Uranian.

The Millennium or Y2K Bug was the big scare story of the year – would every single item of technology stop working on the stroke of midnight 2000? Spoiler: They did not.

Britney was free. Supermodels didn’t need to be influencers. The Matrix was released, as science fiction, not a docudrama. Cinematically, 1999 was iconic: American Beauty, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, Blair Witch Projects, Talented Mr Ripley, Fightclub…Maverick movies went mainstream.

“Crazy” was cool, a hit song in fact: Ricky Martin attained global fame via Living La Vida Loca – Transit Note: Pluto was conjunct his Mercury that entire year. He’s a Capricorn with Gemini Rising, ie: ruled by Mercury.

Anticipate a radical cultural resurgence once we’re on the other side of this. And, if this aided your 1999 recall, think about then versus now in terms of your life and scene. What paradigms are similar but flipped?  Aside from the obvious passage of 22 years (!), what is the most significant difference in your deep psyche?

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