Yes, benefits. The Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus is a naturally erratic annual astrological phenom.

It’s flashy – Leo! – and edgy – Uranus! But it’s usually transient. This year, because it’s amplifying 2021’s meta-theme of Saturn square Uranus, the alignment morphs into a full-stack catalyst.

Think clarity for creatives – the Leo Sun has to create, Taurus is a maker and Uranus is automatically iconoclastic. If it’s not a standoff, it’s a particularly juicy regeneration, guaranteed.  Taurus-Leo relationships – same! If you’re not control-tripping one another or trying to mitigate chthonic emotions with Byzantine sex + power protocols, the romance is back on.

Tipping points and Chaos Magicians are everywhere – recognize yours. Additionally, this square vindicates renegade moves around April 26/27 – when the Sun was conjunct Uranus and opposite the most provocative Full Moon of the year.

It’s good astro-energy for rejuvenating Lockdown Hair and thrillingly, you’ll probably have to D.I.Y.  it. See your Horoscopes for more tuned-to-you input and (soon) the Turbulent Times update, if you’re in the mood for a sharper take on it all.

Meanwhile, it’s a super Dark Moon until Sunday but think about this: Catalysts can be good and Dark Moon lows turn into New Moon highs if you let them. How is your Dark Moon going?

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