In August 1981, Stevie Nicks – a triple Gemini – was backstage preparing for a Rolling Stone photo shoot with Annie Liebovitz. She was 33, famous from being in one of the biggest bands in the world at the time – Fleetwood Mac – and had just released her first solo album to wide acclaim.

She’d also recently found out her close friend had terminal leukemia and the married bandmate she’d been having an affair with had gone and hooked up with a third woman.* Pluto had just crossed into her house of love and Saturn was on her Neptune, squaring her Capricorn Moon + Midheaven and Cancerian Venus.

You see all of it in this unstudied footage, right? It’s magic. It’s not only her raw talent, she’s channeling something. I’d never seen it before and was spell-struck enough to look up her transits for the period. She released it two years later but this kind of ad-libbed along to backing track to another song. Thoughts?


*As they do. There should be a fuqing textbook on this with infographics.

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