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It’s nearly Cancerian Season!

This year, for the first time since 2017, the Crab-Scarabs will be celebrating their birthday season without an Eclipse or two in their sign.

That’s why they’re acting all skittish: they’re anticipating catharsis to be flung around like confetti and for Uncle Pluto to have spiked the punch with Vibranium essence.

But 2021 is good for Cancerians. Or, okay – fine, better. Are you one of them? I bet you’re more wily than before. You’ve mapped out the matrix. You renovated your boundaries. It’s a comeback and if you don’t believe me, Lindsay Lohan is coming back. Is that not a signal?

The joke is that you already had the depth-perception and emotional connection that other Zodiac signs acquire via an astro-climate like your last three years.

What if you’ve got post-eclipse ennui and can’t stand the thought of another birthday or even a Lindsay Lohan rom-com? Appoint triple Cancerian Twyla Tharp as your Muse. “Age is not the enemy,” she says. “Stagnation is the enemy. Complacency is the enemy. Stasis is the enemy.”


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