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Vintage Jeans ad with planet Saturn in background

New Frequently Asked Question: But what of Saturn conjunct Pluto and Relationships? I’ve gone on about this astrological cycle’s influence on neoliberalism, politics, the economy, and money but not romance.

To recap: Saturn and Pluto were last aligned like this in 1982. It is already a rare and profound influence, made more so by Saturn being its home constellation of Capricorn. It’s ongoing from now until February 2020 but exact in January. Listen to the Mp3 for dates and detailed info. Read on for more about romance in this climate.

With any Saturn energy at work, people judge each other and alliances by their strength-fragility metrics, not fabulousness, chemistry or attraction. So there is that. But with Uncle Pluto involved, you’re not just coolly appraising the structure of your partnerships and friendships with an engineers mindset. You’re dredging up Plutonic emotions as well.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto And Relationships Rule One: You Can’t Pretend

How do you know if something is a Plutonic emotion? It’s 8th House in nature; to do with a secret that stays in its vault no matter who you’re in love with. Or it is a feeling that you don’t want to feel and certainly wouldn’t admit to. So people are reassessing relationships, both structurally and energetically. The South Node in Capricorn adds to this scenario, raising memories of financial depletion and loss of identity.

The good news is that if you’re in a relationship that you want to last and you get to the end of January 2020, it will be durable and resilient. It is a fantastic time to fortify relationships – friendships and business alliances as well as pair-bonds – so that you operate more effectively as a unit. And the people that you met/meet in 2019 are ultra-significant.

Deep Connections Or Going It Alone

But if you’re in the sort of attachment that’s good on one level but abysmal on others, it won’t have the tensegrity that the times demand. Or, if a dynamic has been in your life forever but the other person/scene is not seeing you, can you afford the energy leakage? Saturn conjunct Pluto and relationships include how you relate to yourself. If you have to throw on a different persona like a cape every time you see a specific character, it’s enervating.

And if you are pretending to listen to something you don’t believe in, you won’t be receptive to signals you need to hear.

Saturn Pluto turf is no place for fake loves or unions born of fear to be judged as “alone.” It’s the land of deep connections or of going it alone. It’s reconstructive energy. People are striking out in new directions, abandoning locations that once nurtured them. Or finding more peace on the edge than they used to in prayer. Structures and relationships don’t stay in place ‘just because.’

But those that endure will be rich and formidable.


Image: Levis Ad 1968

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