How To Trend Forecast Pluto In Aquarius

Trends are tricky. Even the most informed people extrapolate from whatever is already happening. X is trending up, down or forking into a new version of itself but it’s still X. Aquarius anything defies the trajectory.

Pluto reaches Aquarius on March 24 2023 and remains until January 2044. If you’re befuddled by mainstream culture or wondering why others don’t feel the same urgency to reinvent everything, you’re a Pluto in Aquarius prepper!

More broadly, here are my five top trend tips for Pluto in Aquarius!

The Privacy Economy

The once daggy business of demographics has become the billion dollar data-brokering industry. Government has been late to the Big Data regulatory party but they’re beginning to catch up.

Pluto in Aquarius will coincide with the increased recognition that big companies “getting to know us better to understand our needs” has not (broadly) resulted in better service or products.

Pluto in Aquarius Privacy Trends

* Small tech – local, trusted highly skilled practitioners for networking, computer customizing & individual advice on set-ups.

* Privacy-first products like the Tor browser, Precursor phone and private social media.

* Consulting and the development of I.T. to help people reclaim control over not only their data but their identity.

* Marketing solutions that are not completely dependent on infinite data flow. Facebook’s removal of analytics is just the beginning.

* Digital Law –  Which company is liable when the smart fridge won’t open because the app won’t update? Radiation sickness liabilities?

* Dumb devices  – They don’t need an app, their key selling point is that they work exceptionally well and you can repair them. Buzz-Word: Firmware.


The other day I was downloading my DNA from Ancestry and uploading it to Self-Decoded when I realized how new it all is. Invented in the late Eighties, DNA testing used to be kind of an 8th house phenom.

It was deployed by homicide detectives to solve particularly lurid crimes or to ascertain the ‘real father’ in scenarios with significant money or reputation at stake. Now? You can order your own blood, hair or DNA tests, they’re cheaper every year and some of the sites use A.I. to pull relevant info from Pub-med and similar resources.

Self-Decoding Trends

*Empowerment via being able to order your own bloodwork and/or DNA tests or get a 2nd opinion on a scan result, followed up with DIY research.

*The rise of the super-informed patient, who arrives at the doctor’s office with a full contingent of results, theories and genetic connection theories.

*Genetics geek topics becoming part of general everyday conversation from the amusing “no, I am genetically averse to coriander” to potentially dodgier dialogue.

*The unprecedented amount of info available and an underfunded public health system will spur an interest in botanical medicine & home pharmaceuticals, as well as a widening of the schism between public policy and the more switched-on medical practitioners.

*FYI the last time Pluto was in Aquarius (1778 to 1798), the practice of blood-letting as a medical cure for more or less everything and Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine. It may seem obvious now but it was a significant shift in thinking.

*Good healers will thrive but mainstream of the current business models are probably not prepared for an influx of passionate patient-self-health-advocates OR (the other end) aspirant bio-hackers and whatever you call it when you repurpose the fish tank water.

*Open disdain for governments paying surface heed to health and environment when the real crisis beneath climate change is wide-scale industrial poisoning of the planet, people, animals, everything. Manufacturers finding a better way – even if they can continue unregulated – will be the future establishment.

The Gray War & Revolutions

A.K.A. as a hybrid war, this scenario has multiple definitions but essentially, it is cyber-hostilities, data theft, dis-information campaigns and hyper-espionage. Countries who’ve been lagging in tech are in catch-up mode.

The 18th Century Pluto in Aquarius saw multiple revolutions. The American Revolution began (officially) on April 19 1775, just before Pluto got into Aquarius. Pluto was at 26.41 Capricorn. As I write, it’s at 26.47 Capricorn.

There were uprisings all over the world. The most poignant was Tupac Amuru II’s attempt to restore indigenous Incan culture by ousting the Spanish from Peru. The successful Haitian Revolution kicked off with a dramatic Sun-Uranus in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius, freaked the fuq out of the one-percenters of the day and set the scene for the abolition of slavery.

And then of course, there was the French revolution, which changed everything.

Revolutionary Strategies & Opportunities

*Education-wise, I.T. will be the new compulsory language and we all need to be at least conversational in it.

*Don’t bet your business or job security on organizations with elements of an entitled monarchy or set-in-place ‘this is the natural order of things‘  operating model.

*If Prince Charles was to take the throne of England as Pluto moved into Aquarius, would that be uncontested? It could trigger an uprising against the monarchy that would be non-violent but involve massive info-leaks. If its role were radically revised, there would be knock-on opportunities in politics.

*Global-borders-free – businesses like the freelance job platforms will be less secure than previously. It’s not because they’re unregulated or anyone can say they’re a ‘full-stack-developer’ but because if you’re a hostile player, it’s relatively easy set to set one up to alert you if certain opportunities arise.

*Cross border trades, import-export and travel-reliant industries will operate in fluctuating circumstances. Citizens of countries more recently known for natural beauty and low cost of living will assert their rights to reclaim assets from multi-national corporations.

Niche Media, Romance & Fashion

The ‘norm’ that some of struggled to align with or felt obliged to cultivate doesn’t really exist anymore. Of course, there are are still statistical averages and classic human desires.

But Pluto in Aquarius will be when people D.I.Y. what they need, moving more by synchronicity than the need to hit commonly accepted benchmarks or life stages.

People typically get social validation for belonging to readily recognized identity groups – it will shift subtly but distinctly toward a higher regard for those who’ve found their niche.

Niche Trends + Tactics

*People who prefer to be single or are happily single will gain new status and recognition under Pluto in Aquarius. They may, however, also form new styles of alliances to share resources or acquire funding.

*Post-Covid and with cyber-fuqery prevalent, online dating will not be the automatic revenue machine it’s been for the last 25 years. – the first online dating agency – launched the week Uranus went into Aquarius FYI.

*Cleaning will become a phenom and with-it companies will create advanced, non-toxic, health-enhancing products. The first flush toilets were sold during Pluto in Aquarius! Another factor: households who relied on a permanent, revolving cheap labor force to clean their loos will be re-orchestrating their strategy.

*Pluto in Aquarius mainstream media will be less infotainment and lifestyle-ish – more like curated data a la Aylien. People will pay for precise information or actual entertainment, not the various hybrids of them. If you have distinct knowledge about a particular subject and can provide it without b**shit, that’s totally aligned.

*Relationship contracts and pre-nups will become completely normalized, particularly as anyone can generate a document via Panda and other sites.

*Generation Z will step up and churn out some big-concept takes on culture, reinvigorating media, publishing and debate. In 1790, the 18 year old Amelia Opie published (anonymously) a book called The Dangers Of Coquetry, claiming that marriage could not contain female desire and imagination.

Pluto in Aquarius also saw the fantastic Mary Wollstonecraft feminist pamphlet and that era in general broke the record for seditious pamphlet publishing. If you’re working on something big, weighty and likely to be a cultural stir, you’re in.


Currency, as you have probably noticed, is insane at the moment. Crypto or standard (Fiat), the fundamentals are fuqed. Most weirdly, the ‘grown-ups’ – aka the Central Banks and finance ministers – usually sound more deranged and reckless than the cryptominers.

There is a lot more on all this in the Turbulent Times series but currently, it’s hitting peak-crazy from a base of crazy: Bitcoin’s price is well documented, if N.F.T.s are not a bubble indicator, what is (?) and the crypto-exchange Coinbase had an evidently hugely successful I.P.O. last week. On the other hand, everything is in a bubble and a govt crackdown on crypto could be imminent.

Maverick Money

*Don’t look to the previous Pluto in Aquarius for money stability – it was whack: rage against governments for financial mismanagement was one of the major factors for the French Revolution and American unrest.

The bursting of a gigantic speculative land bubble led to so many debtors in jail (even parliamentarians) that a law was passed prohibiting the imprisonment of people who could not pay their debts.


*A few people also made vast money via strange investments that did incredibly well, like the canals craze – you could invest to help build canals – that created the ‘greatest stock in history.’

*Other than the obvious never-fail investments of pouring focus/time/money into your health, education or business, there are two obvious money themes of Pluto in Aquarius:

(1) Gold is the classic go-to for solid, old-style Saturn substance but Gold is associated with the Sun, the ruler of Leo – opposite to Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius is more rare metals – molybdenum and titanium were both discovered the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. I’m against it because it seems decadent to trash Earth and then fly off to blow up asteroids, but I bet space-mining initiatives would be epic investments.

(2) Investing in the new science insurgency – there are discoveries being made that will turn out to be as radically paradigm altering as Copernicus saying the Sun did not actually revolve around Earth. Trawling through all the fluff and guff to get the quality intel on these would be time consuming but worth it.

(3) Invent! and remember, when society is undergoing revolutionary transition, people en mass toward whatever they think the next big thing is. It can be just as wise to focus on conserving what you have and – drawing on point one – being covert with assets that others might covet.

26 Capricorn to 9 Aquarius

Pluto influences 26° Capricorn to 9° Aquarius for the rest of this decade. And as it is in Aquarius from 2023 until 2044, it’s very much the coming theme. If you’re Pluto-sensitive or super-Aquarian/Uranian, you’re feeling it now.

If you know your birth chart, that’s your most rewarding zone for rad reinvention.

Exert yourself in that area of life and you tap a dimension of strength and magic that you not have known even existed.

Or read Pluto by house in the transit report for my take.


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