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“You’re Pisces, Aquarius Rising…You were born to be loved, but you don’t realize it.”

This is not how i would necessarily interpret being Pisces, Aquarius Rising and i AM that.

How i wish La Piscine explored this theme at length. But this late Sixties New Wave Chic Noire French movie is more focussed on simmering lusts amid ostensibly bourgeois folk.

It’s a super-Neptunian movie. Wine, Sobriety, Fashion, Yearning, The Ocean, A Swimming Pool Around Which People Do A Lot of The Drinking & Yearning.  A fractured Father-Daughter relationship and a homicide add some Pluto in there. And then there is carping about career failures to bring a touch of Saturn.

Question: Where is the interpretation of Pisces, Aquarius Rising being “born to be loved” but not realizing it from?

Francoise Hardy – my favorite Sixties Supermodel Turned Astrologer?  Or is the character simply attempting to deploy astrology to her seduction cause?

It would not be the first time someone has tried this on, obviously.

Image: La Piscine

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