Forget Ophiuchus and arcane arguments over the Zodiac. Is your time zone even real? Embarrassingly, I never gave this much thought until now.  Thank you, Saturn in Capricorn.* So, as you may know, our world is divided into time zones and they are standardized according to longitude. Eg: Pacific Standard Time is 120 degrees West. And Australian Eastern Standard Time is 150 degrees East.

Or, and this is the equation I just Virgo-ed out on like crazy, in New Zealand, where I was born, the standard time zone based off 180 E. But I was born at 174.47 E. – so the NZ time zone (stay with me) is GMT + 12 hours but unless my arithmetic is deranged (possible), being born 6 degrees ish to the East of that time makes my true time half an hour earlier. And yes the chart fits. Eg: Sun in the 3rd house, not 2nd.

So I am going to get a calculator made for this and embed it on the site. Yours may be nothing – a mere few seconds difference. Or, the time you think you were born at is merely based on the standardized time for your zone.

The Time You Were Born May Not Be Accurate

But in the meantime, fifteen degrees of longitude is approximately an hour of the time difference and 15 minutes is about four degrees. You can get an approx idea of your personal time zone via dividing your longitude by 15. And make it East or West depending on which side of the Greenwich Meridian Line you live on.

This is where it gets gloriously nuts. See World’s Stupidest Time Zones for some great incongruencies. Before October 1884, everyone kept their own time – you could go from one town to another and it was a different time. People had sundials, made loosey-goosey arrangements, didn’t gad about that much – at least definitely not where they were trying to connect with someone in another state in real-time on a frequent basis.

And there were thousands of train timetables. The time the train thought it was leaving in one place was different from the time in the place it was going to. This is why ‘getting the trains to run on time’ was not just a tinpot dictator promise, it was important.

An Aries Standardized Time

The idea of splitting the Earth up into 24 standard time zones was invented by an Italian Aries – Quirico Filopanti. Politically active, an avid Republican and author, he wrote books with names like God Exists, God Is A Liberal, and Entitled Souls. 

Note: A New Zealand butterfly collector – also an Aries – invented daylight savings because he wanted more time to catch his prey. Anyway, in 1884, shortly after Pluto went into Gemini, the International Meridian Conference set the whole thing up. It took them a month to thrash it out – Mars was square Neptune in the middle of this – and the time zone lines that were supposed to be based on elegant numerological lines were bent all over the place because of politics.

No women were present – at least not as delegates – but there were members of the Navy, several aristocrats described as “Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary” and people from the newly formed Astronomical Union arguing with the presidents of Railway Time Conventions committees.

The setting of Greenwich – as in the Point Zero and Mean Time was squabbled over but finally agreed on for “logical” reasons. They’d probably drunk the city (Washington D.C.( dry and were getting urgent telegrams from back home: “Return immediately – stop – Nobody gives a bugger what time it is anymore – stop.” 

You have to wonder if Neptunian Life Coaching were there, drifting in and out of hotel rooms, suggesting adjustments of eight minutes to align with Arcturus or wondering if midnight was really a thing. Yes, there was a heated debate over whether Noon or Midnight began a day. I’d like to think they threw the I-Ching to decide – it’s such a Yin-Yang question, but probably not.

So if you don’t want to tax your brain calculating this, wait for the calculator but otherwise, is your personal time zone the same as the standard one?


Metropolis – Fritz Lang
International Meridian Conference
World Time Zones 

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