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Mars square Neptune is nearly here, the live event you’ve been craving. Do you long for app-free living and being able to reply to things with ‘whatever? Lust-based decision-making? Therapeutic decadence? Flirting without intent but doing their birth chart anyway?

Giggling during yoga? Mood nail polish? Throwing your Eckhart Tolle book at someone and then going to the pub? Irony? Neptunian love interests? Relationships that never happen but hover enticingly at the ‘it’s a thing‘ stage forever? Immunity to regret?

If you miss any of the above, do not miss the Mars-Neptune square, live everywhere from April 9 to 11 2021. It’s Mutable! It’s Mad! It’s Maverick!

Individually, Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces loathe accountability, conditional ‘whatever‘ and derivative trends. They like street fashion, fresh sounds, love as leisure,* and off-label uses of Magic.

What happens when the Neptunian fantasy high and paranormal genius is forced on stage with the highly driven and impatient Mars? Chaos & Art. Uncommodified pleasure. Pretensions and complexity that you can claim as part of the art.

Do you think Neptune is stale after nine and a half years in Pisces? So does Mars in Gemini! Who knows what this polished Trickster will throw at the Shaman on the night?!

Or will Neptune, impeccably connected in multiple realms, awe with an interstellar consciousness-raiser?

The official line-up includes the cult bands Karma Drama and Neptunian Boyfriend, as well as D.J. Trance Breaker. However, the Love Zombies may make a surprise appearance.

It’s rumoured but really, what isn’t?

*There may, in fact, be a fee involved, in which case P.O.A.

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