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Lunar Eclipse rituals are brilliant, even if you’re not remotely a ‘ritual’ type person. I’m not – because they all seem too churchy for me – but I always do something with the Lunar Eclipses. They’re magnified Full Moons that are always aligned with the Moon’s Nodes.

That makes them one of the most potent portals of the year to wipe clean past patterns and flamboyantly declare your future reign. These are my thoughts on Eclipse ritual Concepts – take any that resonate and ignore what does not. The closer to the exact time of the Eclipse you do your ritual the better. See the Moon Calendar for exact timings in your zone.

Eight Lunar Eclipse Ritual Tips

(1) Before you begin, do a digital detox of all phone numbers, social media presences, and emails of people/entities or things representing them from your tech realm. If you’re an Eclipse purist, get rid of certain music that you connect with any person or a time that has had its day.

(2) Be clean! You can’t do this in a messy or cluttered space and a cleansing shower beforehand means your aura-vibe is uncontaminated. Rosemary is particularly brilliant for sixth-sense enhancement and energy field rebalancing. Add fresh rosemary sprigs or the essential oil to Celtic sea salt for an invigorating power-up.

(3) Go elemental – if the Lunar Eclipse is in Water, fill a glass bowl with water and use that to scry with. Once you’ve cleared your mind just gaze into the water and see what emerges. Fire Moon? A candle flame. You could use a stone or a rock to represent Earth and for Air, incense, or even a fan. The directional correspondences vary but I like the following, for what it is worth: North = Fire in the Southern Hemisphere/Earth in the Northern Hemisphere, South = Fire in the Northern Hemisphere/Earth in the Southern Hemisphere, East = Air in either hemisphere and West = Water in either. Having said that, there are many varieties of these associations.

Sky-Clad In A Circle Of Salt Is Old-School But Effective

(4) Get Sky-Clad – aka naked. Before you roll your eyes, this is not just some pervy concept gleaned from pulp occult novels of the Seventies. The idea is that the connection between you and Source/Spirit is not impeded by clothes/vibes etc. Alternatively, wear something new for this ritual, that you have literally never worn before. For example a kaftan. Or even just a big t-shirt. But seriously, naked is epic for this.

(5) Play NO music – have white noise (easy to grab online via YouTube, etc), pure Schumann Resonance with no music on top or a storm track with underlying Theta or Gamma binaural beats. Spotify has heaps also. My Neptunian Nights pre-sleep Mp3 can also work brilliantly – anything that supports lucid dreaming will also enhance a trance. Alternatively, enjoy the silence. It’s a liminal zone where you can listen between the dimensions even without Lunar Eclipse rituals.

(6) Create a protective circle of salt around yourself – this is old-school but it works. Obviously, make sure that you do your Eclipse ritual at a time when you will not – cannot – be disturbed. A Lunar Eclipse is cosmobiologically intense, it’s an extra-strong polarity so just at the time when ‘going within’ is most rewarding, people are the most likely to be obtrusive and demanding. So plan for this: set phone to airplane mode, hang a do-not-disturb sign on the front door, and turn off electronic devices. If you have household wi-fi, totally turn that off.

Wi-Fi And Ritual Are Not Compatible

(7) Beforehand, for clarity, consider drinking a Tulsi tea – Holy Basil – Reishi, or mugwort if you can handle the extra – as you write a list of grievances, guilt, regrets, and resentments that you are ready to recognize and release or integrate. Then work what you desire/intend into one epic mantra, affirmation, or request. Make it as simple and eloquent as possible. If you know your astrology chart, you could theme it around the sectors where the Eclipse sits for you.

(8) Do a quiet meditation to get centered and to give thanks for all that you appreciate in your realm. Once you tune in, you’ll know what you want to augment and what you need to banish. The less ‘needy’ you are, the more clarity you usually score. Declare yourself open to the need-to-knows.

The Full Moon Always Rises At Sunset

Read below for some info about the art of ritual from my Druid – Anthony Ashworth.

Ritual is an opportunity to engage with the unseen energies of the universe. It’s our chance to petition the beneficent good spirits or spirit in general or the gods and goddess, to help and empower us mere mortals. When the big issues in life, seem too much to overcome or achieve, we humbly ask spirit via ritual to intervene, to help us.

Ritual often involves the giving over to spirit of a token gift; we give something before we ask for something. Be that, incense, sacred oils to the fire or just the giving of water. In my rituals, I always involve and call in the subtle elements and elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to create a sacred place and sacred time. In a full moon ritual, I may tend to focus on the element of water.
Water is the companion to the Moon, it captures the essence of the Moon, we see the Moon reflected in the water, and the feminine water may hold the energy of Luna and our sacred intentions. The Full Moon is the Moon at her ripest and most powerful, the energies of light fully come forth into the dark. The Full Moon rises at the exact same time as the Sun sets: this liminal time of twilight which is between day and night is seen as a doorway to the other worlds, a  portal in time, so a great & poignant time to do a ritual.     

Image: Fiona Hsieh

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