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lunar eclipse in sagittarius 2020

Since I wrote the new moon in Gemini post two weeks ago, the world has changed. America is raging. This reckoning asks white America to own that our country is built via systems of oppression intentionally put in place, in their favor.

An Eclipse In Sagittarius: Revealing The Truth Of What’s Real

Last night, on the eve of the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, I had a long chat with my good friend Nitika Chopra. She patiently listened to me as I talked through feelings about white America (finally, somewhat,) collectively waking up to the ills of white supremacy. She offered me a bit of tough love about how I can personally be better, and then pointed me in the direction of this video on IG. I share this video for the white folx reading who are struggling with shame. Now’s the time to sort this shit out. As Nitika said, our feelings of shame are valid, but not supportive of the black/brown community.

If you are a white woman, you likely, as I do too, have a helluva lot more learning. It’s humbling. I have certainly made mistakes. But nothing is more painful than continuing on a path of obedience with a system of oppression, while unintentionally doing harm. Even still, while investing in books, education, and more research is certainly required, the bottom line is this; it’s time for action.

I strongly suggest watching this video by Rachel Cargle to understand what this moment in American history is all about. And then join her in The Great Unlearn.

South Node Eclipse: Get To Work

In May, the lunar nodes entered the Gemini and Sagittarius axis, kicking off a new eclipse cycle with fresh lessons to master. The north node rules our collective destiny. The south node, on the other hand, rules lessons from the past.

This south node eclipse occurs at 3:12 pm ET on June 5th, 2020 at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. This new series of eclipses, however, will shine a spotlight on how and what we express in the world, as well as the truths we live and die by. 

This south node eclipse asks us to reevaluate what we know to be true. After all, Sagittarius rules philosophy and religion. There’s potent potential for a personal revolution if we allow it that has the power of changing more than just our own lives.  

That’s what this Sagittarius eclipse is about; learning from the past, and initiating change in a better direction.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Must-Knows

This lunar eclipse calls you to reevaluate what you know to be true. It presents a rich opportunity to make substantial progress with social justice causes. This full moon also occurs two days after Venus conjoined the sun, further highlighting the need to abide by personal values.

That said, with so many planets in air signs there’s a lot of nervous energy afoot during this eclipse. The trifecta moment? Not only does Venus retrograde conjoin the sun, the south node eclipse in Sagittarius. Mars in Pisces squares the moon and sun/Venus conjunction, too. This forms a mutable t-square. So be certain to take your magnesium, do your breathwork, consciously cultivate the calm. Because feeling nervous, fidgety, and anxious doesn’t support this revolution in the best possible way. 

Find The Release Of This Tension Within

To find the release of the mutable t-square, we look toward the sign directly opposite Mars in Pisces —Virgo. This is the section of the sky that’s currently disengaged from this square. Remember: Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, which means “unto self.” If you’re feeling anxious about the future and the what-ifs, your safe haven is always within you. You can always, always choose again and come back home to yourself.

Pay close attention to anything that comes up for you during this eclipse. What do you notice around the way you think, learn, and communicate? Mercury is in his retrograde shadow, showing us what will be addressed during his three weeks in retrograde. (I’ll share more on that in my next post.) 

Support Your Health By Tapping Into The Purity Of Virgo

Virgo also rules our digestion, so please do eat foods that agree with your constitution. Consuming foods contraindicated for your body helps no one… so before you pick up that pint of ice cream, ask yourself, is this what my body really wants?

While it feels strange to be discussing Virgo at the time of the full moon in Sagittarius, I promise, employing structure, order and due diligence is exactly what the cosmic medicine calls for!

Things to consider this full moon:

  • Venus is retrograde and conjoins the sun in an inferior conjunction on June 3rd.
  • Pluto and Jupiter are within 2 degrees of each other. They have their second conjunction on June 25, the same day Venus stations direct.
  • Mars and Neptune conjoin and square the moon, creating a mutable T-square to the sun/Venus conjunction and moon, each at 15 degrees. 
  • Mercury goes retrograde on June 18th.
  • This is the first of three eclipses. It’s a south node eclipse asking you to release that which no longer serves you.

In the comments below, let me know what you are releasing this full moon!

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