Joe Biden’s astrology this week is nuts! The Mars Neptune opposition (September 1 to 4) is directly influencing his birth chart and Saturn is opposite his Pluto.

I swore I’d stay away from politics and actually, I’d like to be swathed in blue lotus mist and gaze at the Orion nebulae or even sleep but this IS highly pertinent astro.

(See the Daily Mystic email for a warmer, more reassuring take on the current astro – this is just me raving as an FYI)

Remember I said that he was unusual in the annals of presidential/leader astrology as he has this loaded 12th house – Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun, all in Scorp as well? That’s usually the line-up you’d see in a musician who dabbled in Ayahuasca, a creative talent who revered seclusion, or, actually, Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

Political animals are usually more 10th house. Anyway, so get this:

*Mars is currently on his Midheaven, opposing Neptune as it crosses into his 4th house – The midheaven is your public reputation, what you front the world with. Mars there hypes your ambition but it is also a leadership challenge.

At its purest is military and not, in this case, supportive because Neptune is opposing. That reflects both his evident air of fogginess and the controversy swirling around him at the moment. Neptune into the 4th would suggest a change of lifestyle as well, perhaps one that was more contemplative.

*His inauguration was marked by Mars-Uranus in Taurus and it seemed like such a sedate, yet potentially innovative moment after the rancorous reign of his predecessor. Saturn is now squaring that point and Uranus is moving to oppose his natal Mars-Mercury in Scorp.

*He has the Saturn-Uranus square all over his birth chart as well – Saturn is opposite his Pluto and then in October, it moves back into squaring his Scorpio array in the 12th. The lunar eclipse on November 19 is opposite his Scorpio Sun.

It is full-on. Meanwhile, his V.P, Kamala Harris, has Uranus near her Jupiter in Taurus, trining her Venus, Uranus + Pluto conjunction. This week, while Biden deals with covert attacks vis a vis Mars opposite Neptune, she will have Jupiter trine her Gemini Ascendant, en route to trine Venus.

The Mars-Neptune opposition bedeviling the President plays out differently in her natal astrology: Mars in Virgo is on her Venus – someone is courting her – and  Neptune is in her 10th house, trine her natal Neptune. Her only concern is the optics. Jupiter is approaching her 10th house, where it will join Neptune next April.


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