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I Was Born to Be Your Sacred Sex Goddess I Was Born to Be Your Sacred Sex Goddess

Hi! I’m Alexandra, and that’s me, above, channeling my inner sex goddess. I have always been obsessed with love and sex. You might say I am boy crazy, but I’ve also been girl crazy, so I like to keep it non-gendered and just say I’m a love-and-sex enthusiast, a curious human, a deep diver, and an explorer of life! Even though I was brought up in a Christian suburb of Marietta, Georgia, I somehow managed from a young age to sneak movies from Blockbuster with the juiciest of sex scenes. My all-time fave sex scene was played by the first woman who was a bona fide “sex goddess” in my book, Liv Tyler, in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 90s alt-hit Stealing Beauty. I watched that film on a VHS tape connected to a tiny TV with a knob. Yes, a knob! This was pre-Internet, and I had ZERO idea who Liv Tyler was (or Bertolucci), but I knew there was something happening on that screen, and it inspired my sexuality to BLOOM.

Liv Tyler, legend, in Stealing Beauty

Liv Tyler was tall and lanky, and her lips pouted the right way. In Stealing Beauty she was just dripping with teenage sexy vibes. She wrote poetry from her black and white covered composition notebook and burned little verses; rolled her own cigarettes; stared longingly out car windows; and wore red, Chinese Mary Jane slippers. All things that slipped into my 12-year-old mind and became my own habits at age 19, as a young woman in New York, searching for romance and love and sex. I was attempting to devote myself to meditation and yoga at that time. I read Rumi’s poems of loving the Divine and then made out with half the boys in the film department—and some of the girls too.

The next sex goddess who changed my life was Anaïs Nin, whom I discovered in my early 20s. Nin’s journals were like some ineffable food I had always been hungry for but had never found. They were to Sex and the City what caviar is to potato chips. (No hate! I’ve watched all seven seasons at least six times.) But Nin expressed the way we desire for love’s touch in the deepest corners of our beings. Yes, yes, yes! This was SO me. Over a decade later, her words still ignite my deepest sex goddess vibes.

The bewitching Brigitte Bardot 

I’m always looking for new goddesses—and tapping my inner-goddess wisdom—to get in touch with my deepest yearnings. I can deep dive through pictures of Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Jane Birkin for hours, just soaking in their powerfully sexy vibes. I’ve also gone undercover in New York brothels and interviewed all sorts of sex workers; stripped at a truck stop; been to group sex parties and an orgy dome in the desert; learned orgasmic meditation and tantric sex; had transcendental BDSM experiences; and even used Tinder as a spiritual tool.

As Horoscope.com’s new resident Sex Goddess, I have a lot to share and discuss with you! Find me here every Friday for inspiration and lessons on tapping into your most divine, sexy, juicy, feminine, radiant self!

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