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How to Have the Summer Romance of Your Dreams How to Have the Summer Romance of Your Dreams

Craving a juicy summer romance? What if I told you it’s yours to create? Trust me, this love spell works: 

Step one: Be the love you want.
Have you ever been to a party and spotted a woman who is so confident, eating chocolate like it’s making love, or dancing with abandon? She is the sex. She is the love. She is the juicy. Take it from some of our fave Sex Goddesses—Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Jane Birkin, insert your faves here—these women walked around like they owned sex. And so should you!

Step two: Take a good long (private) moment to feel all your feelings.
Be like Rachel McAdams, breaking down in The Notebook, if that’s where you’re at: Cry, shake your fists to the sky, let whatever you’ve got inside OUT. After all, you can’t be the woman with the plastic “life is perfect” smile and attract an authentic partner. Had your feelings moment? Now, as Liz Taylor (Sexiest Woman Ever) once said: “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” (But let’s amend the “Pour yourself a drink” to “Make yourself some tea or take a bath,” because it’s 2017, and we need to be up for yoga by 7am.)

Step three: Do the following every day for 40 days:
(Stop groaning! 40 days is not that long! Start now and you’ll be sweating it up with your new honey by July. I promise.)
Make up a mantra. Every time you shower, say something like: I let go of my old stories around love and sex. It’s all in the past and I will now make choices and see the world through a new lens. And add salt baths to your routine—crying and letting out old shit is key.
Put it on Pinterest. Make a Pinterest board full of juicy, sexy, romantic pictures. Look at it every morning before the next step.
Imagine it. Envision what summer love would feel like to you—a fling with someone on vacay? The love of your life showing up at your yoga retreat? What would be the most fun and feel the most delish? Feel it. Play with it. Act as if you’re already in that ideal relationship. Imagine the sex, the falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, the goodbye kisses….  
Look it. King or Queen yo’self. Dress yourself in a way that feels good so you feel confident daily.
Get your flirt on. Not because you wanna bone that person. You can flirt for fun with an old lady or an old man in the grocery store. There is no pressure here, just sweet-and-cute flirting, which is like a coconut oil lube in your love joints.
Say hi. Say hi to or smile at at least one person who you think is cute daily.  On the train, in the grocery. Again, with no expectation, just to get in your juicy zone.
Get out there. Remember that ’90s flick She’s All That, about the classic nerdy chick–turned– smoldering hottie? Practice that. You don’t have to be ripped or be in heels to be hot. It comes from the inside first! Don’t hide inside. Say yes to the party, sign up for the class, go to the café alone. Whatever!

Step four: At the end of 40 days—maybe even sooner—get ready for the Universe to deliver you some seriously juicy summer love. And get ready to seriously enjoy it!

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