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How To Have an Amazing O, Based on Star Sign! How To Have an Amazing O, Based on Star Sign!

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Orgasms are beautiful, complex phenomena of being human! Waves of energy flowing through the body. The deepest pleasure. A release into divinity for moments or minutes. They are taboo. Quiet. Something we aren’t taught about in school. But once you discover them your whole life changes. Am I right?
Most people stop at the basic discovery. Clitoral O’s seem simple enough. Men can ejaculate in just a few minutes. But in truth the depth of possibility with orgasms is huge. They can literally open you to the Divine. To infinity. They can be full body. They can happen with one glance. With no touch. They can heal your cells! You think I’m crazy?! Well there are tons of books on the subject out there. So don’t take my word for it. Go explore your own O! You have limited years in this delicious body so why settle for the easiest one to find? Keep searching!
And here is some help! To push you in the direction of your sun sign and what O may be the one for you … or your partner. And play around. Experiment. Try an O that sounds intriguing. Try one that didn’t quite work. Have fun. Explore. And love every single second. 


You must let your essence through to feel you freest orgasm. Whisper your darkest secrets to unlock your biggest orgasm. Whisper the depths of what you want in love. Stare long and hard into your partner’s eyes until tears well. It may feel hard but when you do climax, I promise it will be big.

Can you be gentle as a wind? Soft? Become a cloud? Stop talking. Take the dirty out. Let your heart be seen. Let the Love filter through your orgasm. Whether alone or with a partner try letting it be Love more than sex and see how it balances itself on its own.

It’s time to go deeper than the Earth’s core. Let your primal sense come out. Be an ancient rock. Go so slow. Like a snake. Let every movement be deliberate. Drawn out. No talking. In that ancient cave you will find something new that shakes you to your core.

Get out of that shell. Move the body. Get into the body. Scream. Hiss. Release. Laugh. Play. Let your emotions be the bridge that takes you somewhere new where you fully give up control. No stories or explanations.

Play soft Lion friend. Who is the gentlest lamb in you and can you let that lamb be seen? Your biggest O is there, on the edge of your softness, your tenderness, your almost childlike innocence. Soften into that for ultimate release.

What if you gave up all control? You let yourself become a pile of mush on the floor. You hair looked weird, you made weird noises, you stopped topping, you became amoeba like? Here you will find your Divine O. Your deepest freedom in orgasm. At your own unraveling.


Throw yourself out of balance with some loud sounds, channel your animal to find your deepest orgasm. Let go of all control and have no outcome in mind to find your deepest outcome.

Find the sensual to your sexual. Let your orgasm be drawn out. Slow. Take hours. Let it be almost no direct stimulation. Let yourself feel into something bigger than your genitals. Let all your skin become your genitals.

Can you hold eye contact with you partner while they stimulate you? While you make love? Can you simply stay connected to them the whole time? That will bring you something new. It may feel edgy but stay with it. It will be your next full on adventure.

Let yourself be held. Let go. Let go like a child. What would happen if your orgasm was wild? What would that look like? Try it. Find it. Be wild and let go of everything you thought you knew.

Your deepest orgasm is as deep as you let yourself connect. Instead of all the bells and whistles and head games go into the Earth with your orgasm. Let it be messy. Gross. On the floor. No talking. Just body. Quiet the mind.

What if instead of letting your eyes be Love portals with every orgasm you let them be Fire portals? Letting your inner fire spill out of your orgasm. What brings you there? A slap on the ass? A hand around the throat? Find your elemental balance and you find depth.

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