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How The Right Crystal Can Make or Break Your Sex Life How The Right Crystal Can Make or Break Your Sex Life

Want to take your sex life to the next level? Add a crystal into the mix. More and more crystal healers see clients seeking assistance with intimacy, and crystals can absolutely be a tool to crank up your passion. Amanda Lauren researches why and how crystals can be such potent harbingers of passion, and how you can use them in your own life, whether you’re in a new relationship or have been with the same bae for years. Bottom line: Why not add a crystal to your aphrodisiac arsenal?

We all know the key to a better sex life is a deeper connection with your partner. While many of us have tried lighting candles, using toys or even eating oysters to achieve this, none of these man made objects have the power to enhance our sex lives quite the way crystals can.

I spoke with Naha Armády, who is a crystal healer and teacher at the famous House of Intuition in Los Angeles to learn how crystals can not only improve our sex lives but our relationships overall. She started by explaining how and why crystals influence us.

Armády likened the qualities of crystals to having certain friends in your life. Remember when your mom told you not to hang out with a certain crowd because she was afraid you would start behaving like them? Crystals work the same way. “It’s not that the crystal is attracting love to you or love into your life. It is that the crystal is reflecting some kind of property whether it is through its color, mineral content or energetic vibration that corresponds to that love frequency. It helps you to resonate to the same frequency.” In other words, “It rubs off on you.”

Although crystals grow naturally, they aren’t like ordinary rocks.  For example, quartz has physio-electric properties, meaning it carries an electrical charge. It is used in both practical and scientific applications. Quartz is even a component in most timepieces and radio transmitters. Even if you question the power of crystals or you don’t really believe they work, science shows us their energy is absolutely real.

Crystals also work because of their colors. Color can be a more influential force than we give it credit for. A common example of this is that politicians wear red ties to invoke feelings of power. Naha explained that colors have a strong connection to our chakras and emotions.  “Each of the chakras corresponds to a different aspect of your life and body. Not just your physical body, but also your emotions. When you have a crystal of a specific color, it helps support what that chakra represents and brings it to the surface.”

But keeping a crystal on your nightstand isn’t a silver bullet to make the walls shake. In order for crystals to be effective, you need to choose the right one, which means recognizing what aspects of your relationship need improvement, figuring out what chakra connects and choosing a stone from there.  

For example, if you seek a deeper emotional connection, Armády suggests pink and green stones that correspond to the heart chakra. “Rose quartz is the classic love stone, but you can also use pink agate, green jasper, serpentine or green aventurine.”

But if you have the opposite problem and are seeking more passion, consider root chakra stones that are deep, bright reds and oranges with fiery tones. Carnelian is the classic stone for increased sexuality, but Armády says garnet and fire agate also get the job done.

Lack of communication can be a dark cloud on any relationship. If you and your partner have trouble expressing how you feel or what you want, Armády says it’s time to work on your throat chakra. “Throat chakra stones such as blue lace agate, lapis and blue calcite will help you open up a conversation and help connect your minds together.”

Connected to the solar plexus chakra, insecurity is another issues, which can endlessly plague relationships. Armády likes yellow stones such as citrine, which is a very popular stone for jewelry, or honey calcite to remedy this. She is also a proponent of using rutilated quartz, which she compares to a battery. “It will turn your other stones on and maybe turn you on.” She also revealed these stones will make you feel good about your body, which can be an instant game changer.

It’s not exactly a surprise to most people that diamonds, emeralds and rubies can really get someone in the mood. However, gem quality stones don’t have to break the bank while they break your dry spell. Rhodochrosite and blue lace agate are more affordable options. But, keep in mind that aphrodisiacs can be very individual. If you aren’t sure what stone will do it for you or your partner, Armády says start by thinking about what colors make you feel your most sexy.

While choosing a stone is the challenging part, implementing a crystal’s power is far easier. While you can use crystal sex toys, you don’t need to take it that far. Put stones next to your bed or even under your pillow. You can also sit with your crystal, hold it or keep it in your pocket. When you are ready to get intimate, Armády says, “Light a love candle that is pink, white or red and place crystals around it.”—written by Amanda Lauren

Amanda Lauren is a Los Angeles based writer specializing in fitness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

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