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How the Moon Can Make or Break Your Sex Life How the Moon Can Make or Break Your Sex Life

So, remember all the horror films you watched as a kid, where the freaks and werewolves came out by the light of the moon? Well, in a nutshell, that is the power of the moon! If the moon can control the tides, after all, why shouldn’t it control us humans—who are made of 65 percent water—too? Around a full moon, it’s common to feel “all shook up”—a little manic, a lot intense. On the flipside, the new moon, which has gone dark and distant—brings a whole different energy. These moon-feelings impact all areas of our lives, but especially romance. 

For seasoned couples, a full moon’s energy can mean a night of passion and deep ecstasy. For new couples, however, the full moon can cause mayhem. In the past year, I have had three romances end with a big boom on a full moon. And I say boom, not bang, mind you. Each time, I thought the full moon would bring a sexy second or third date. But nope. Instead, each one of those full moon nights inspired a crazy fight followed by a full-stop breakup.

Even though I should know better by now, I still like to play with fire on occasion. So, on a full moon this past February, I said yes to a third date at some hot springs an hour and a half north of where I live. That afternoon, I watched my iphone drop in slow motion into the toilet. But instead of taking that as the sign it was and cancelling my date, I put my phone in a bag of rice and emailed my date to say my phone was out of commission, but I’d see him soon! I proceeded to go out of town on a full moon with a new lover and no phone. I can’t get into the sordid details, but it ended badly, and I made a vow to never go on a date with a new lover on the full moon again.

So, what do you know: This past week, I was about to go on date number three with a new sweetie on a full moon! As if I had forgotten about February’s woes! Funny enough, there was a miscommunication and the date was canceled!  I was distraught and pained but realized that when you make a vow to the Universe, you make a vow; and the Universe and I are tight, so she held me to my word.

Timing is everything. That’s why the best time to refresh new love or sex is on the waxing or waning moon cycles. It’s not a beginning or ending or culmination vibration, but a vibe that is more balanced and relaxed. Waxing is when the moon is growing, so this is a lovely buzzy time to try new things with your partner in the bedroom or have some adventurous dates with your new squeeze.

If you look back at the best sex you’ve had, or the worst dates, I bet you they connect to the moon’s cycles. Remember that the word lunatic didn’t come from nowhere: The Crazy can come out in all of us on full moon nights. We lash out. Drink too much. Miscommunicate. It can be mega intense! So plan your dates and romps with foresight! Know when the moon is full and when it’s dark. It’s never too late to start paying attention and scheduling accordingly!

4 Ways to Harness Moon Power for a Sexier, More Connected Life: 

1. Try new things during the waxing moon cycle. Wanna propose some new toys in the bedroom? Watch an erotic film? If the moon is growing, chances are your lover will be especially willing to oblige.

2. Schedule more chill, relaxed, cozy dates around the waning moon and dark moon, when energy levels are lower.

3. Spend the new moon alone to solidify your intentions for the next moon cycle.

4. Enjoy full moons with friends, but do not schedule important conversations or heavy stuff around the full moon. Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol, as feelings can get bigger and bolder, and more dramatic around this time.

There is indeed a reason many ancient cultures planned their lives around the moon. I hope these tips will help connect you (and your lover) to its delicious power!

Feature photo by Elizabeth Tsung. 

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