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How the Full Moon in Capricorn Can Help You Find the One How the Full Moon in Capricorn Can Help You Find the One

You already know that your sign can help guide your romantic life, but did you know the moon can be just as valuable an ally in love? When the moon reaches peak fullness in Capricorn, it’s a great time to refocus, recommit, and figure out what you’re really looking for in love. Why? The unusually steady, focused energy of the Capricorn full moon is designed by the cosmos to help us explore any difficulties that have come into our path, and recommit and re-center our ambitions. Shedding routines, habits, and relationships that just aren’t working out puts us on a clear path to getting exactly the love we know we deserve. You can use the power of the full moon in the surrounding days, too.

Here’s how to harness the power of a full moon to jumpstart your love life—and even find the One.

Step 1: Put Yourself First.
On the morning of the Capricorn full moon, take a look at your calendar for the next month, and ask yourself: How many of my obligations are feeding my soul? Of course, some commitments, like work, you can’t skip; but as the full moon stirs feelings of empowerment within us, it’s asking us to tend to our own needs first. Just say no to any invite that doesn’t make your soul sing. The more space in your calendar you have to do the things you love, the more likely you are to meet someone on the same page as you.

Step 2: Stop Going-Nowhere Flirtations.
Have an endless text chain going on with someone? Now’s the time to delete, block, and move on. The Capricorn full moon opens the door to release negativity and add positivity to our lives. One way to do that? Get rid of anyone who clearly isn’t making you a priority.

Step 3: Use Conflict to Make You Closer.
The full moon in any sign may bring up conflict with a romantic partner, even if it’s someone relatively new in your life. Use the fight to move forward. By figuring out where you stand and what’s setting you off, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. More importantly, a little conflict can lay the groundwork for a good relationship. Of course, don’t ignore your intuition to call things off if the fight goes too far, but be open to the possibility that talking through your anger may make you closer, even if you’ve just met.  

Step 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Go Deep.
Heading on a date with someone new? Resist the urge to put on an “everything’s perfect” façade. As the Capricorn full moon anchors us to our more serious selves, it’s time to share that with the people we want in our lives. Talking about past histories and future dreams is key.

Step 5: Make a Plan.
Love sometimes happens when you least expect it, but the Capricorn full moon rewards patience, planning, and prudence. If you’ve been toying with the idea of asking a friend for a setup, or joining a dating app, now’s the time. You may even meet someone on the walk to that blind date! Full moon time is about balance and serendipity. Do your part to make things happen, and the planets will reward you.

Looking for more ways to harness the power of the full moon? A personalized Karma Love Report uses the full moon’s energy to shed light on past lives and lessons so you can break free of old patterns that may be keeping you from authentic love. 

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