Yes Eclipse Seasons influence your relationships – how could they not? They’re a galactic buzz, a hyper-primal, cosmobiologically active temporal checkpoint.

People are more prone to fall in love at these times, as well as to break up. Contradictory? Not at all. Eclipses evoke a revolutionary mindset and romance – real romance, not a calculated dating decision – is an insurrection.

You know the odds and you’ve decided to give it a crack anyway. The hormones and endorphins are just foot soldiers to help you get into the citadel.

You know about your ten-thousand relatives who got screwed with alimony and your friends who wish they’d just gotten a cat but you’re all in anyway. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s sublimated Freudian gunk but you don’t care.

It’s a coup against cynicism and calcified self-preservation.

A Coup Against Calcified Self-Preservation

A break-up is equally revolutionary. You’re over-throwing an established order to make a brave bet on yourself, a self you may not even really know anymore. As I say in my divorce Mp3, it’s a daunting time – a hybrid of s***t-storm and metaphysical metamorphosis.

You’re not only betting against entropy. You have to over-ride the deep ancestral conditioning that lurks in your limbic system telling you not to ‘make a fuss‘ or that couplehood and the community identity it garners is an exclusive ‘safe’ option.

Even if you’re super-committed to an alliance or your singlehood, those relationships can change or clarify in a nanosecond during Eclipse Season. Why?

Eclipses Tilt You Out Of Time

Well, Eclipse Seasons run in vast dynasties and when one is in play, they can tilt people out of time, or their usual awareness of it. This factor is more prominent, of course, when the Eclipse is at a potent point of someone’s birth chart.

It’s particularly noticeable when one person in a relationship seems to suddenly seek high-level connection or more momentum, while the other is directing significant energy toward maintaining barriers and the status quo.

Actually, it’s more than noticeable, it’s dramatic. Eclipses intensify every natural force going, geomagnetism, solar winds, atmospheric pressure…you name it. Stress factors converge and irritants turn pro.

Layer a profound, ultra-objective cosmic consiousness over the top of that and the daily groove of the relationship turns from fuzzy background to high definition. Decisions are easy because they spring from stark, lucid realizations.

The Change Already Happened

It’s not so much that you’re moving back to the city, stopping sugar, deleting all your shared playlists or divulging previously classified info about yourself. It’s that the change has already happened in your psyche and it’s not changing back. You’ve finally realized the change and with that, psychic unease dissipates.

If you’re part of a couple that is set up for this sort of existential eruption, it’s exciting. If not? It will never be noted on any official documents but that moment will remain in your mind as a monument to the real end.

And if you’re falling in love or forming significant connections during Eclipse Season? Somehow the phenom is integrated into a broader matrix and the path of both people involved. Or maybe you simply like wild Space Weather and nothing else activates your endocrine system?!



Image: Flip Schulke

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