The Pisces in Love prefers a paranormal romance. They have only two speeds: cynic and time-crossed karmic lover. They show their affection in weird ways and are easily crowded by relationship demands that other Zodiac signs would consider standard. Pisceans navigate by intuition and deja vu prompts. They’re perfectly capable of combining shallow awareness with depth consciousness and have no idea of how confusing they are to be in love with.

It has been a super Neptunian few weeks with Pisces people – high and low – seeming more present than usual. Or, rather,  their version of being present. A shimmery glimmer in a rock pool. The logic apparently beached but a high tide of emotion/intuition in its place. You know the sort of thing.

Think also blurred lives and deep currents beneath people who are waving cheerily as they bob around on the surface. People are pretending that they’re straight-forward but they’re trading in ambiguity.

But whether or not you are a Pisces or involved with one, relationships have been crazy Neptunian in general.

Read or re-read any of these past posts for perspective on this particular Pisces Season.

There are amazing anecdotes in the comments. Neptune is the planet that rules ghosts, glamor, soul-bonds, myths, utopias, romantic projections, the subconscious mind – like some secret inland ocean – dreams, cosmetics, and art. My theory is that Neptune works more like a drug than a planet.

The links below contain some timelessly pertinent advice for relationships with Pisces people and love in a Neptunian climate.

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Images: The Love Witch – Anna Biller

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