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Get 2019 off to a Steamy Start with Your January Love and Sex Horoscope Get 2019 off to a Steamy Start with Your January Love and Sex Horoscope

It’s time for your January love and sex horoscope! Though the holidays may be over, January still possesses a certain magical quality. Not only because the very heart of the dark, deep, snowy winter brings with it a certain mystery and romance, but because it marks the start of a new year. And who can resist the promise of a clean slate and all the opportunities that twelve unwritten months could offer? When it comes to the vibe of romance in January, the sun’s trip through industrious, goal-oriented earth sign Capricorn followed by innovative, social Aquarius allows plenty of room for solidifying commitments, as well as flirting with new, unusual types of bonds and play.

What exciting new developments will unfold over the next 12 months?

This January is sure to be filled with change and revelations, thanks to not one but two eclipses: a solar (new moon) eclipse on January 5 in Capricorn, and a lunar (full moon) eclipse on January 21 in Leo. The new moon eclipse may encourage more serious reflection than take-charge action, thanks to its cozy position with taskmaster Saturn and transformative Pluto. But we can still think of it as an aspect that’s setting the stage for even more self-discovery and fireworks down the road. The full moon eclipse is a dramatic one, encouraging us to take concrete action to finish any ongoing chapter that’s not fully serving our needs and fulfilling our desires any longer.

How will your love life change over the next 12 months? Find out now!

The first month of the year is also speckled with a couple of aspects that will be especially enjoyable for lovers. Venus’ move into Sagittarius on the 7th sets an adventurous, free-spirited tone in relationships that can inspire couples to get out of their comfort zones and encourage singles to be bold and open-minded when it comes to forging new connections. And on the 22nd, the planet of love pairs up with Jupiter, the planet of luck, cranking up the potential for experiencing abundance and joy in love.

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Here, what each sign can expect in matters of love and between the sheets this January. (If you know your rising sign, you’ll do well to check out that sign’s forecast, too.)

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Around January 21, when the full moon eclipse is in your fifth house of romance, you may find little details are making all the difference when it comes to feeling sexually satisfied. You’ll want to tell your partner to prioritize foreplay or kissing, touching or flirting. And if you don’t feel like they’re paying attention, there very well may be hell to pay.  On the 22nd, when Venus and Jupiter pair up in your ninth house of adventure, sharing an unusual, learning experience with a potential love interest or partner (like taking hot yoga or seeing a new museum exhibit) turns up the heat and magic.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Venus’ trip through your eighth house of sexual intimacy from January 7 to February 3 could have you feeling like exploring uncharted waters in the bedroom. Maybe that looks like buying a couple new toys or fulfilling a long-time fantasy. Getting out of your comfort zone is integral to fulfillment. On January 22, Venus and Jupiter pair up in that same house, magnifying your most carnal desires. The ideal fix will be satisfying these needs in a way that also boosts your emotional and intellectual connection with a partner. Think spending a whole night filled with heart-to-hearts and really hot sex.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Around January 5, the new moon eclipse falls in your eighth house of sexual intimacy, stirring you to consider deep-seated needs you might have been repressing or rationalizing away. But it may not be the ideal time to open up to your current S.O. or seek out a new partner who’s on the same page. Instead, you’ll do well to sit with your emotions and consider the best action plan moving forward. And when Venus moves through your seventh house of partnership from January 7 to February 3, you’ll find yourself craving togetherness with a like-minded mate and be willing to do just about anything to enjoy this. There’s a free-spirited vibe to romantic matters now, so just make sure you’re not losing yourself in the process.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

On January 2, the sun and Saturn pair up your seventh house of partnership, encouraging you to step up your commitment to an existing relationship or to think about pursuing a more serious attachment. Then, around January 5, you’ll face a similar theme brought to light by the new moon eclipse is in that same house. You might have an epiphany about what your ultimate LTR and companionship looks like. Whether you’re currently in a relationship and need to readjust expectations or if you’re seeking a partner, you’ll do well to hone in on this new vision and then project it out into the world—and to those closest to you.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

While Venus is in your fifth house of romance from January 7 to February 3, you’re all about enjoying spontaneous pleasures with a mate or potential partner, whether that means going out for a last minute happy hour date or planning a random road trip. Around January 21, the full moon eclipse in your sign could have you reassessing where you stand in your relationship and considering whether you’re getting what you need out of the deal. Although self-love is a major theme for you right now, you’ll want to know your bond is reciprocal and helping fuel all different parts of your being, from the creative to the sexual. And if it’s not, it may be time to deal with it head-on—or move on.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Around January 5, when the new moon eclipse is in your fifth house of romance, you may find yourself meditating on how you can make more room for more spontaneity and fun in your love life. As much as you want to set the stage for the perfect fairy tale, working on going with the flow now might actually serve you best. On the 25th, Jupiter in your fourth house of home life forms a harmonious trine to Mars in your eighth house of sexual intimacy, and you’ll want to shelve the big plans for a night in with a partner, giving into your wildest desires. This is sure to make for a particularly steamy, enjoyable, not to mention memorable time.  

Libra (September 23-October 22)

While your ruling planet Venus is in your third house of communication from January 7 to February 3, heated, flirtatious conversations with your partner or a potential S.O. are sure to get you more fired up than usual. Enjoying dirty talk, sending sexts, or sharing fantasies in detail might be somewhat out of character for you but can feel like an especially fun area to explore now. And on January 18, when Venus harmonizes with Mars in your seventh house of partnership, you’re especially motivated to experiment with your partner. Simply talking about what you want to do, and then actually following through might crank your chemistry up to an all-time high.  

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Around January 5, when the new moon eclipse is in your third house of communication, you might be considering the best way to have a crucial, emotional conversation with a lover. Meditating, journaling, and/or simply talking it out with a close confidant can have you feeling more centered and in tune with exactly what you want to say when the time is right. Then, with Venus spending time in your second house of income from January 7 to February 3, as well as the full moon eclipse lighting up your tenth house of career around January 21, you might feel like a bit of a workaholic. Downtime with a partner or simply indulging in self-care is key to navigating this time in a balanced way.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

While Venus is in your sign from January 7 to February 3, you might find you’re especially inspired to make some of your wildest, most outlandish fantasies a reality. Go for it, but make sure to do a gut check before throwing yourself into a potentially risky or emotionally intense situation. And around January 21, when the full moon eclipse is in your ninth house of adventure, you’ll be prepared to get out of your comfort zone in a major way, perhaps within a relationship. The intensity of the moment has you feeling extremely sure of what you want and don’t when it comes to love and romance. Though it may be scary at first, speaking your truth now will only serve to make your dreams come true in the long-run.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Around January 5, when the new moon eclipse is in your sign, you might be stressed about personal goals you have yet to achieve and wrapped up in thinking about what you need to do to get there. Do what you can to allow yourself to feel instead of take concrete action now. The time spent reflecting has you feeling more centered and even more ready to connect with your S.O. or a potential mate. Around January 21, when the full moon eclipse is in your eighth house of sexual intimacy, you might have a realization about wanting to take your current relationship to the next level or, if you’re single, pursuing an emotionally and physically fulfilling connection. Spend as much time as you need getting clear on what you want, then make your move.  

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

While Venus is in your eleventh house of networking from January 7 to February 3, simply having fun with friends is the best way to bond with your mate, if you’re attached, or to meet someone if you’re not. Around January 21, when the full moon eclipse is in your seventh house of partnership, you may feel like a chapter of your relationship has come to an end. Whether it’s a turning point that signifies needing to fall back in love with your S.O. or ultimately move down a promising new path, staying true to yourself and your personal needs keeps you on track.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Around January 5, when the new moon eclipse is in your eleventh house of networking, you may find yourself leaning on friends for insight on an ongoing relationship woe. But once you’ve talked it through, listening to your own heart will be key to landing on the best way forward. And you can give yourself as much time as you need before stepping on the gas.  And from January 24 to February 10, Mercury in your twelfth house of spirituality makes it the perfect time to journal, meditate, and tap into your most creative impulses to gain more clarity around your needs and desires. Once you have this, sharing it with a lover or potential S.O. feels truly empowering.

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