Actor/Director Justine Bateman had Saturn crossing her natal Venus in Capricorn all 2020. Her new book Face: One Square Foot Of Skin – is possibly the coolest and most proactive reaction to a gnarly transit yet.

It’s a confronting transit for anyone – the stark structural audit of a Saturnine stocktake up against the softly-lit Venusian style and self-forgiveness. But Bateman was “Mallory in Family Ties” – a successful sitcom that ran for most of the Eighties with the loose theme of “hip parents, square kids.”

When you’re a former teen television star, you already have an acute awareness of time. Everyone speculates on your erotic currency and ‘marketability.’

You’re prime fodder for those tacky “you won’t believe what she looks like now” media takes. Or worse, faux-intellectual ‘think pieces’ where a writer your age opines on what your ‘lost light’ implies for their mortality/virility/existential despair levels.

Bateman’s incisive Saturn-Venus moment was the excruciating experience of being ‘trapped’ in a toilet cubicle listening to a bunch of ‘fans’ ripping apart her looks. She finally erupts out of there with the ‘fuq you, I look great line‘ that became the core mantra for her book.

It’s a series of fictional vignettes drawn from her life and milieu set against the sunlit, glossy facades of a prismatic city. She has the Piscean ear for dialogue and conversational nuance – her Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn are in Pisces – and deploys it to brilliant measure.

Her sharp, poignant prose covers everything from the euphemisms people use to sell image optimizations to her previous cruelty toward older actors or desirable women who’d ‘failed to maintain.’

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982 squared her Venus and saw her 16-year-old self launched into global television fame. Last year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction was conjunct it, and she’s approaching her second Saturn Return. This has resonance. She puts it more elegantly, but essentially Bateman is saying she’s sick of ‘successful female aging’ being commensurate with the subtlety of your surgery and how ‘serene’ you can be. She’s here for the unsubtle, loud ones.

Her Moon, by the way, is in Aquarius, conjunct Lilith. Apart from retaliating to criticism of her non-tweaked face with “fuq you, I look great’ – she has this to say to people doing the “far out, what the hell happened to your looks’ brigade.

You’re looking at f***ing determination and truth and creativity. You’re looking at loss and sorrow and the effort for a deeper perspective. You’re looking at satisfaction and happiness. You’re looking at a manifestation of a connection so deep and rooted that it’s more real than I am. You’re looking at my face.


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