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Do you have Psychic Jet Lag? After nine weeks of mind-warping nebulosity, the answer is almost certainly yes.

The symptoms are similar to the ennui and timelessness of the travel variety, but in this case you’re psychically not in the same place as your intellect.

Most of us have minds that have rapidly not only adjusted to pandemic-planet but acquired a database’s worth of new intel: molecular biology terms, mask manufacturing logistics, viral metrics, deurbanization and more.

We’re informed, stoic and resourceful. But our psyches are still in transit, half expecting the air to shimmer and reveal a portal to the world before. Or..after.

Nostalgia is natural because the psyche scans everything before settling on something that fits. Put a golden light filter over it and voila.

Did the New Moon give you Psychic Jet Lag? No. It simply sharpened your awareness of it. Feelings are the core focus of any Cancerian Moon, particularly if it’s flanked by the Sun, the way it is every New Moon.

Luna is also opposite Pluto, the chief enemy of saccharine sentiment and emotional entropy. Fakery generates fuqedness.

Send micro Moon-Pluto passions or apprehensions away because they’re not cool and what happens? They turn macro by next weekend’s Sun-Pluto opposition, rocking up in full psycho-goth regalia.

Keep them around – you may as well recruit them to do something or morph them into enterprise/an artistic statement. The astro is not only about to optimize, it’s theatrical and large-scale.

But the other contributing factor to Psychic Jet Lag is this weekend’s square between the Sun/New Moon and Hekate in Aries.

It’s conflicting because the Cancerian Sun/Moon defaults to security within tribal structures, family, food and familiarity. There are time-proven benefits to certain bonds and you’re re-appreciating some of them.

Hekate is a crossroads deity and a trickster whose name comes from the actual Ancient Kemetic word for magic itself – Heka. If you’re edging more this way, none of the current fuqery is that disturbing because you never believed the sell in the first place.

You’re furious, of course, but determining that the tribe vibe may not be your safety zone. Social media is a maelstrom and private life is back.

Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo are about to strengthen Hekate, while Jupiter and Neptune make the Cancerian vibe more potent. Differences between people’s attitude will become more apparent and you could even be experiencing this polarity within yourself.

The imminent dazzling astrological alignments will help but in the meantime, you can’t zen-out to fix Psychic Jet Lag.  What works: Maximal authenticity and channeling – rather than re-routing – the intensity.

So, how are you going with it?

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