The Sun-Neptune opposition is still in play…remember that this means Earth + Neptune are the closest they get.

If you’re the sort of person with ears attuned to the siren song of our Neptune, you’ve been in harmony with it for days now. Or, potentially, a bit adrift.

Even the most grounded people are more vagued out than usual. Neptune Vibe is when your psychic flashes and artistic insights are bang-on brilliant but you can’t remember where you put the house keys.

Now that we’re in Saggo Moon land, it moves away from the introspective phase and into gambler mode. Love, money, and creativity all feel as if they might just respond better to a bit of a punt and yes, it could come off.

The trick is to keep your attitude aligned to work well with what has now become an extremely mutable atmosphere: informed, fluid + finding the humor in everything.


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