Mercury Retrograde In Leo

A Pisces asks if career changes during Mercury Retrograde are okay. And, is it a good time to start doing Tarot Readings in her toxic office?

Hi Mystic,

Here’s what I think might be a Mercury Retrograde thing in action, but I would be curious to hear your thoughts. Work has been unreasonably stressful lately, from factors that were in play well before Mercury shadow. This eclipse is bringing some huge issues to a head. I feel I’m approaching a position where I’m likely to quit in frustration or be fired for something like “incompatibility.”

And there’s this other strange thing, where lately (like in the past year) I’ve started reading tarot cards for people I work with, or talking to them about their charts. (Much of my education in the astro area is thanks to years of reading you!) I’ve been too embarrassed to charge anyone for it. But I know I’m not bad at it and would like to get better.

This brings me to this week: The department head is flying across the country to say his farewell to a departing colleague at my office branch and to, likely, take to pacing right behind my desk. This boss has been extraordinarily paranoid lately and hard to work with, rightfully fearing some employee revolt. (I should add here that I’m private sector and not gov’t, but people I work with have described it as “the Trump situation in miniature.”) Meanwhile, I gave two people tarot readings over my lunch break with cards someone else had brought in.

A Brilliant Or Idiotic Business Move?

I’m wondering whether it’s a brilliant or idiotic business move to hone in on the insane eclipse energy and the psychic potential of the long VOC Cap Moon Thursday/Friday (again thanks to you for that heads-up) — and block off after 5 pm to do readings for anyone interested. I get a lot out of tapping into intuitive work with my colleagues.  People seem to enjoy it, but on the other hand, in-office readings are a bit noisy (it’s like the stress slows the air somehow). 

And of course, there’s the aspect of doing it when the boss is right there, whose latest measure on my actual work was “not good enough” (when it’s not even the work I signed up for). If he asks for a reading, I charge him money. Is this an eclipse issue or just lousy Mercury-brain?

Planning to pack the cards just in case,


PS – I’m a copywriter, and Virgo rising, so Mercury retro is always, always something I stay conscious of. That’s why I’m fearful that I’m foolishly impulsive — it seems like the kind of week where those impulses could have disastrous outcomes.

Hi Pisces!

You know what’s funny? I’m Pisces, and I read this as you getting ready to make a break for it. But in a classic Pisces fashion. “I feel like I’m approaching a position where...” is Pisces talk for “I’m getting ready to bolt.” Let’s walk this through. You are comparing your workplace, managers, and office environment to the current USA presidential administration. And you are planning to become the resident work-witch, giving Tarot readings. On an Eclipse. You’re sensing (correctly) that this “could have disastrous outcomes.

But hey you’re Pisces. If you were a bird right now, you wouldn’t be at home in your nest. You’d be out there surfing the cross-currents of turbulent Air, happy that you didn’t need even to flap your wings to stay aloft.

Frog-marched Out Of The Building By Muggle Goons

Whether this is a “brilliant or idiotic” business decision depends on how willing you are to make your desire to leave a conscious thing. Because it’s SO super-Pisces to set circumstances up so that you get fired or “have to leave” but avoid the actual moment of having to say “I’m out.”

It would be healthier in a Saturnine sense to take responsibility for removing yourself from a toxic situation. But leaving the building clutching your smudge stick and Tarot cards, escorted by Muggle Goons, has its appeal. Let’s all say a silent (or loud) prayer of gratitude for living in days/countries where “annoying bosses” is the only consequence of witching it up in the workplace.

Career changes during Mercury Retrograde can be brilliant. But you ideally wait until Mercury is Direct again to enable them.

What does everyone else think? There is a veritable coven of witty wisdom on here; we know that!

Image: Taryn Simon

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