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The Astrology Of Significant Love Affairs

What is the astrology of big love phenonomens? Significant romantic encounters seem preordained. They’re a moment and you know it in real-time, just as soon as that buzzy magic kicks up. The air particles around you shimmer and seem to behave differently, as if subject to the laws of a parallel dimension. You’re partially inhabiting it as well, of course.

It’s where you feel five times more alive yet live off cosmic rays, Schumann Resonance, and locked-in tractor-beam mutual eye contact/windows-of-the-soul pheromones. You’re amoral but it’s not your fault – convention hoofed it out of the room when the first scalar wave of big-love vibe hit.

The quantum entanglement style of relationship is rare. When it occurs, the astro is definitive and dramatic. The charming duo above are will be our astrological significant encounter case study.

They’re golden-era Hollywood stars William Holden and Audrey Hepburn. It was October 1953, they’d just met on the set of a rom-com called Sabrina and were having lunch with the director + producers.  They were about to embark on an intense affair which blazed away, collapsed inward like a supernova and then apparently started up again years later.

It was instant, flamboyant and life/psyche-altering for each. Here is the astrology in play at the time:

*Mars was conjunct Venus in Virgo – the go-to for “orgasms run my life” atmospherics.

*Jupiter in Gemini trined Saturn in Libra – the epitome of harmony between minds and shared philosophies.

*Uranus in Cancer squared Neptune in Libra – a disrupt to standard Neptunian programming – weird, alluring and underwritten by strange magic.

Outer Planet Synastry For “This Is Bigger Than Both Of Us” Cred

So that’s the general background atmosphere, influencing everyone. While Hepburn and William Holden were making goo-goo eyes at one another over lunch, the first even transistor radio went on sale. But then in the case of these two, these ultra-big-deal planetary configs were directly influencing their natal astro.

*Hepburn had Pluto in Leo trine her Venus in Aries and square her Jupiter/Node in Taurus.

*He had Pluto trine his Aries Sun and Uranus conjunct his Moon. Uranus also squared her Venus as Neptune opposed it. Jupiter was on Holden’s midheaven and trine her Ascendant.  Consciously or not, both of them would have been looking for galactic-level regeneration, as well as a channel for their hyperbolic energy.

*And the Mars-Venus conjunction squared her Moon/his Venus – not that they needed that little lust bump, obviously.

*Saturn was opposite his Sun/her Venus – they were both married (to other people) when they met.

All those outer planet syncs between them at a time when each outer planet was involved in its own intricate config and their mutual ‘go hard or go home’ transits were the perfect storm of space pheromones.

Space Pheromones & Chaos Magic

So notice that there are three factors convergent here – (1) Officially definitive outer planet alignments occurring, (2) Those alignments directly ping off the natal birth points of both people – so they’re both in the mood to quantum everything and (3) Their synastry -the angles between their individual astro – is high potency and immediately clear to them and anyone in radius.

You can see the energy dancing around in this picture, right? Her Moon was conjunct his Venus and her Venus was conjunct his Sun. That sort of Sun, Moon and inner planet mirroring is an archetypal compatibility component for a reason; it materializes as instantaneous intimacy and mutual ‘wow’ factor – the ‘in jokes within ten minutes of having met‘ style of chemistry.

Her Mars-Pluto was on his Cancerian Moon and his Uranus was conjunct her Ascendant. There is loads more but you get the idea. Thoughts?

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