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Is it a good idea to make big commitments as Uranus changes sign? There are actually ‘rules’ for this and other astrological phenomena.

Hi Mystic,

Thanks for all your work on this Transition Zone! I was curious about whether there’s conventional wisdom out there about making commitments at the time Uranus Changes Sign. As an Aries Sun with Aquarius Moon, I am feeling it. Bring on ALL the change & intensity (as always).

I’m about to get engaged — cryptically discussing rings & plans with my Leo Rising / Aqua Sun / Pisces Moon man last night. This is after a five-year relationship that’s persisted over multiple continents, master’s degrees, and living arrangements. I feel good about it. But I am curious if, like during Mercury Retro, the school of thought around Uranus changing sign is that it’s not the season in which one ought to make life-long commitments? The Seven-year itch (or as you pointed out the seven-year Witch!) and all that?

In much the same way that hysteria around Mercury retro seems to have taken on a life of its own, I’m prepared to dismiss the cautionary tales out there when it comes to commitments and Uranus. But I was curious if this is indeed A Thing — especially since I’m sure I’m not the only one finding herself organically arriving at big life moves right in the middle of the Transition. 

Thanks as always for your patented erudite hot takes!

Feeling that Witch-Warrior-Destiny vibe

Witch-Warrior-Destiny Vibing

It is an excellent question!  These are the archetypal, old-school Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde cautionary ‘rules.’

Mercury Retro: Don’t sign contracts, especially around commerce, currency, and publishing or academia.

Venus Retro: Don’t make marriage commitments or get elective/cosmetic surgery.

Mars Retro: Don’t start wars, litigation or enterprises of a martial nature.

All the Retrogrades are on the Moon Calendar for years so you can plan when you’re in that mode.

Uranus changing signs is much rarer than a retrograde. It’s not the time to make a commitment that springs from a defeatist or compromising mindset. Opportunities and sudden rogue surges of reinvigorating inspiration occur during Transition Zones like this.

And Uranus at Zero Taurus is a beautiful moment to plant seeds for things that you want to take root, thrive and be durable over time — marrying someone on the grounds of pheromonal chemistry during a yoga class? No. Impulse fast-money investments? No.  But to affirm the bond established over the last five years through all that velocity, yes!  And this is a shift-up, you’re transitioning the relationship.

Suggestion: Make the rings from a weird, beautiful and non-trad metal such as palladium.  And the wedding gifts have to be trees or wilderness themed? You sound like a Uranian couple – Uranus is changing sign, and you’re changing mode. Perfect!

What does everyone else think?

Image: Diana Ashdown

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