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astrology of the shadow 2020 part three

Where Do We Go From Here?

Hey love, 

Since this series started, we’ve gone through a very brief review of Pluto and its potential connection to COVID-19, and talked about what we can do to get through this intense time. 

As the fog lifts along with social distancing requirements, and we resume some forward motion again, please know that life won’t look like it did before. We still have many more miles ahead of us in this game-changing, paradigm-shifting year. Just remember, as old cycles end, new ones begin. We want to bring our brightest selves to meet these opportunities. Because underneath, and on the other side of so many challenges, are new opportunities.

The stars don’t lie, and beyond this month, 2020 is a major astrological year. 

Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter: Transformation, Discipline, and Expansion

We’ve already seen what can happen when transformative Pluto touches base with cosmic disciplinarian Saturn and expansive Jupiter. These three planets will continue to hop in and out of the spotlight until Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at the Winter Solstice, marking an important turning point in our collective experience. (But I say this with caution, because even then, Mars at 23 degrees of Aries, will conjoin Eris–the dwarf planet of discord– and square Pluto. AKA: Hard AF!)

These three planets provide the backdrop for the year with the themes of endings and new beginnings, of crumbling followed by creation. But the good news is that, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on winter solstice 2020 is a massive initiation and we all want to be ready for it. It’s a biggie!

Venus and Mercury Retrograde + Eclipse Season: A Full Internal Reset

That said, there’s a lot of other potent transits happening throughout the rest of 2020. With Venus retrograde in Gemini from May 13th until June 24th, we are resurrecting buried treasures from within ourselves. As astrologers across the globe agree, we are in a major reset period. And these weeks with Venus retrograde, amidst eclipse season, and Mercury going retrograde too, we’ll all be dealing with an internal reset.

Now more than ever, we need to listen deeply to our inner voice—the voice of the soul. She’s guiding us!

At its core, Venus rules what we value, and this retrograde period will require us to reassess what’s most important to us. See a pattern here? While in Gemini, Venus asks us to assess who we communicate with, how we communicate with them, and what’s essential for our hearts to grow. 

Eclipse Season 2020: The Hard Reset You May Or May Not Want

In the midst of this, we also enter eclipse season. Our first lunar eclipse in Sagittarius occurs at the full moon on June 5th, 2020. The next eclipse is a solar eclipse at 0 degrees of Cancer at the time of the summer solstice (at 5:44 pm ET on June 20 – adjust for your time zone). And the third eclipse of the season will happen at 3:12 pm ET on July 5th, 2020. It’s a lunar eclipse in Capricorn, and along with the solar eclipse in Cancer, this is the last of the eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

Mars and Mercury Retrograde: Transformation Is Possible

And if all of this weren’t enough little ol’ Mercury will go retrograde, too, from June 18th until July 12th. You know, just to keep it real. 

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget what happens in the fall of 2020. Mars goes retrograde, we have more eclipses, Mars squares the stellium in Capricorn, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin, and Saturn finally leaves Capricorn for good. Geesh!

There’s no quick fix here. The road ahead is long. But if we do the work, truly transformational in the best possible way.

It’s a lot, true, but we can leverage this to truly move our society forward.

I am praying to get the pandemic under control, and maybe, hopefully, a new president then, and time to heal from COVID as well as the economic disaster unleashed via the pandemic.

There’s still more suffering to be had in 2021, but the pivotal, dynamic transits that have felt so intense all of 2020 will be complete. And we will be in an entirely different quadrant of time. There’s so much hope, I promise— lots of support to problem-solve and work towards healing our planet and our hearts.

2020: The Year Of New Levels Of Resilience

This is the year where we build resilience and learn to harness our own grit and determination against all odds so we can continue the work in 2021. This pandemic has given us time to consider what’s important, what needs to change, and where we need to go from here. Next year, we’re given the gift of momentum so we can dig through what’s left and do the hard work of deciding what to keep and what to leave behind forever.

There is so much deep, systemic work that needs to be re-thought. We’re only just beginning, and I, for one, am really excited to be a part of the change. 

Now over to you. Your job now that you know all of this is to rethink the best possible use of the months ahead.

What do you want to create this year?

How do you want to show up for yourself, your children, your business, your work, and your life?

What do you need to surrender in order to do this? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. And if you think you’ll want the support of a container, a structure, where you can lean into these lessons and work on that deep transformation, Moon School might be for you. We’ll be back in session September 1-November 21. If you are interested email [email protected] to get on the waitlist!

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