Dear Mystic

I have spent most of the weekend pouring over my Astral DNA. So much resonated that it felt like talking with an old friend. So thank-you for producing such a treasure.

One big a-ha moment was reading about the effect of my Sun square Ascendant aspect… my persona or image is at odds with my actual identity. Oh my god, this explains so much. 

As a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon I think of myself as empathetic, attentive, quiet, thoughtful…nice! So I am always confused when responses from others are less pleasant than I anticipated.

Turns out I have been projecting my Aries rising – angry, abrupt, headstrong, blunt, careless, get-to-the-point, persona to the world… 

The perfect example this weekend – A shop assistant asked me if I needed any help – I replied ‘No, thanks. I’m just looking’ perfectly politely (or so I thought!). When we left the shop my partner informed me of the hard, aggressive tone I had used, so much so that the assistant had given me the customer-service-attendant-powerless-to-say-anything-so-all-I-can-do-is-death-stare-and-hope-you-have-a-bad-day look (I was completely unaware). As a former hospitality worker I have dished out this look many times and it saddens me to think I was the cause of one. 

Anyway, I am desperate to know how I can work this Aries ascendant to achieve haute Aries… I am hoping that will be more in line with my treasured Cancer and Virgo qualities…  What is haute Aries??

I have read your Style Your Ascendant posts. And am very aware of the power (and magic) clothes have in the perception of a personal character. I am drawn to the Aries style you describe – RED, sporty/sleek, warrior-style (the best I have ever looked was when I dressed up as short-hair, reborn, power-dressing Cersei). But now I am worried this will only amplify the Aries traits that I feel are so alien to my core being and widen the gap between the projected me and the ‘real’ me. Or will more fully expressing that Aries energy through my attire work as an outlet (and reduce the bursts of Aries aggression in my persona)?

Should I just give up my over-analyzing and accept that as a Cancerian I will forever be misunderstood anyway?

Please help, 

Confused Cancer 

Dear Confused Cancer,

It’s a really interesting question! You’re Mars ruled and unexpressed Mars energy can be like when you’re trying to force too much voltage through the wrong power outlet.  Cancerian/Lunar energy seeks empathetic connection and Aries/Mars Vibe seeks expedient results. They both have their place and the Martian Warrior energy informed by Lunar intuition is fantastically effective.

But something about this scenario and the partner informing you of your ‘rudeness’ makes me wonder about the dynamic between you: is it possible that you weren’t rude but he just does not like Mars directness from you? That he is more aligned with your Lunar persona?

The Moon dimensions of your psyche, as opposed to the Mars energy, would be a fantastic topic to meditate upon during the next Aquarius Moon, as the Moon crosses Mars, don’t you think? The Moon times are always on the Daily Horoscopes page and the next Moon in Aquarius is mid-November.

And the New Moon this Tuesday/Wednesday in Mars-Pluto ruled Scorpio would be the perfect time to dawn a more Aries look. You could go shopping like Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa in Fury Road, only in red shiny latex.  What does everyone else think?


Image: Hana Haley

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