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Dear Mystic,

I’ve never done this but your horoscopes and blogposts are so insightful (seriously, I’ve got my 2018 key dates pinned down and I’m ready to rumble!) so I thought I would ask about getting out of a love rut.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I went ahead and made a move on my sexy Scorp crush. It was nerve-wracking (I’m a Leo, Aqua rising, Libra Moon) and I usually need to work up the courage to tell someone I like them. Anyway, they seemed to respond enthusiastically – or at least they matched my enthusiasm – and much sexy club kissing ensued… until the end of the night, when he broke the news that he is not single.

Mystic, I felt like a complete goober. Worse, WE BOTH tried to play it cool – like, it all happens for a reason, and you never know what will happen in the future, and what happens in X town stays in X town. I totally let him feed me the line, and now, two weeks later, I’ve managed to get out of the fantasy land enough to smell the bad news – he’s just not that into me. 

(I mean, he said he crushed on me, too, but if he didn’t work up the guts to say something he clearly isn’t a good fit; he’s probably not that into his girlfriend either, if he jumps at the chance to kiss his crush. It’s all stupid and frustrating.)

I don’t know when the Venus-Neptune trine started or what Mercury was doing that particular weekend but I can totally see how that might have influenced my mood after. I’ve been super-distracted, scatterbrained and wishing that I could JUST pull my head out of my arse long enough to focus on my work and forget about him. But it’s not working. 

I’m doing the distancing thing – no contact, hide him on social media (mostly for my sake – I don’t want to suddenly see mushy pictures of him and his gf or posts about how much he loves her; I had that happen when I crushed on a Virgo dude and I’m still cringing at that). I also ordered “He’s Just Not That Into You” to try and really drive through the point. But my head is still in some kind of dreamland, and I spend more time fantasizing about ‘what ifs’ than I ought to. I doubt he is spending a 10th of the time I am thinking about me, so why should I do the same? 

Sorry if that sounds completely ridiculous.

The Cowardly Lion

Can I also PS that I feel terrible for his girllfriend and that I’m sure this relationship karma will bite me in the arse? I hate how selfish I’ve been in my thoughts and this is really unfair to her.

Dear Cowardly Lion,

So you have been stricken with the Love Zombie virus – there are SO many posts on here about that condition and with some epic cures suggested also. Here, for what is worth are my thoughts. I’m so excited by this that i am going to bullet point. (“bullet points” = a state of cognitive arousal for Mercury in Aries people).

# I am an Aqua Rising/Libra Moon and i get that. Sometimes you won’t know until years later that the Air predominant person had the hots for you. Cool Air is the auto setting. Breezy.  With the occasional tornado but the Air temperament is typically sanguine.

# Thanksgiving was Mars-Uranus – you’re Aqua Rising and thus Uranus Ruled. Sudden onset nightclub pashing totally fits the bill. Even the out-of-town nature of this. Question: If you’re on social media, you MUST have known about this g.f previously right? Like this seems like it was a long-nursed crush and you are now having to avoid his social feeds for fear of being nauseated/guilty/annoyed by pics of him with the potential Mrs Scorpio BUT you did not notice her before????

# Obviously this person IS into you – at least physically and clearly he is not super-insanely committed to his partner. These are just facts. So it is not absolutely irrational of you to have experienced his reciprocal lust and be thinking of him further. This is not like you mis-reading the intentions of the parking officer giving you an infringement notice. Clearly there is chemistry and the time for HIM to mention the girlfriend would have been right as you made your move.  You know, “I’m really flattered but actually, i am seeing Scorpella” or whatever.

# Without knowing all the details of your astro or his, it was in the zone of Mercury Retrograde. So you can’t necessarily count him out till mid-Jan, when Mercury gets back to this point. Doubtless now, you are alternating between Saturn gloomy guilt-tripping about the whole thing and Uranian glee – this could happen. This is the nature of the current Mercury energy – the Messenger God is flipping between Saturn and Uranus consciousness, with some Neptune in there for extra weirdness.

# My Prescription – keep your own energies clear re this. If Scorpio became single, would you actually want him? Would you want to be the new Mrs Scorp and then wave him out the door cheerfully as he scuttles off to go, um, clubbing with his friends? If he IS your, you know, soul-betrothed across-the-aeons love interest, a few weeks won’t hurt and it will happen, one century or another. Treat social media stalking as your kryptonite, capable of mortally weakening your super powers.  Sage/Burn Palo Santo/Go to Hot Yoga & strengthen your psyche at the core.

# Prediction: he will hove back in again around Xmas Time or shortly after. Scorpios are ALL about the expansion in 2018 (Jupiter) so it depends on whether hooking up with you on a more formal basis would be seen as a Growth Move or not.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Inez & Vinoodh

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