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Is it possible to be born under the wrong Sun Sign? Could fate intend you to be a particular sign but then something goes awry?

Dear Mystic,

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a feeling that something’s up with my sun sign. I’m a Cancer, raised by a Cancer mother, had the same birthday as my uncle (her brother), and some Crab friends around as well. I even married (and divorced) one. And yet by comparison, I’ve always felt like my Cancer was somehow “broken”. Reading Sun Sign guidelines rarely resonates with me. It was a beautiful and freeing Eureka! when I first learned how important the other planets are in our charts (my Gemini rising, for example, is on point!) It helped me feel less like a Cancer just not doing it right.

A few weeks ago, my mother and I were chatting and she revealed for the first time that my original birth due date was actually in Leo. Then she went into a very premature labour and I started my grand entrance during Gemini sun. She was put on machines to help slow her contractions for as long as possible (ended up to be about 3 days), and then I was born on the first day of Cancer.

I’m wondering if either (or both?) of these other sun signs would influence my chart, even in some kind of freaky shadowy way? Does my coulda-been, shoulda-been sun sign affect the seemingly off-kilter expression of my Cancer sun? I also realize the other smaller planets would have been in different houses and different signs if I had been born when my mother first went into labour…is that the real destiny of my chart, or is the birth chart always “right”, even if it was a dude at a machine preventing my entry into the world?

Thanks for any insights,
Cancer Questionmark

Wrong Sun Sign – Rightful Destiny?

Dear Cancer Questionmark,

It’s an interesting question. I would like to think one guy with a contraction-slowing machine could not thwart a force so mysterious and complex as destiny. The energy of the time you draw your first breath what counts, you reflect that moment – not so much the due date.

There was once a query on here that got so heated in the comments I had to take it down. A woman was trying to avoid having her baby born in November, because she didn’t like Scorpios.

So you are who you’re meant to be, whether you were born ‘early’, weeks late, bang on the scheduled time or in the taxi on the way to hospital. And when you gaze at the whole birth chart, you see its brilliant complexity. Some parts of your vibe are easy to express; you take them so much for granted because they’re innate.

Some Sun Signs Only Actualize Under Certain Conditions

If, for example, you had a Leo Sun opposite Saturn, you could find that harder to express than a Moon conjunct Jupiter. It would not be the wrong Sun Sign, but it might mute the usually loud Leo vibe.

And we often grow into some dimensions of our natal energy. Saturn is easier after Saturn Return, and some Sun Signs only actualize under certain conditions. If you’re a Pisces having a Neptune transit to your Sun, you’ll embody your Pisceaness to an entirely new degree.

And Gemini Rising gives you the weird blessing of ambiguity, you won’t ever feel as if there is one way or a fixed identity. Maybe Mercury – your ruler – is more important to your energy.

So yes, as you say, look at the totality.

It becomes tricky when you have the option of scheduling an elective Cesarean. If booking it for 9am versus 1.15pm means you’re getting an Aquarius Rising versus a Taurus Rising, what would you do?


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