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Taurus Sun Gemini Moon

The Perfect Trip For A Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Person.

Dear Mystic

Just listened to your retro Mars rant and am super excited.

In July I’m walking Brigid’s Way, a newly uncovered ancient pilgrim walk in Ireland, honoring the Irish goddess /Saint Brigid. Its thought to follow the Cygnus constellation, which was a prominent constellation in the skies in ancient times.

I’m Taurus Sun Gemini Moon and also have Gemini Rising.  I was secretly planning to use the walk to plot my Ph.D. application, which about Using Embodied Listening and Lucid Dreaming Practices in the Creative Process.

I’ve been fretting about spending the resources, worried about my fitness and a few dodgy joints. But thanks to your info and Mars energy I’m now confident it’s super do-able. Not only that,  that actually it is absolutely the perfect focus and timing for Mars retro!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you. Love your work.

Taurus Pilgrim Virgin

The Irish Goddess Brigid Has Links To Minerva, Vesta, and Isis

Dear Taurus Pilgrim Virgin,

Thank you! I love this on multiple levels.

Your pilgrimage is so optimal for Uranus in Taurus. And, yes Mars Retrograde also. But it is also a very Taurus Sun Gemini Moon thing to do. Why? Because Taurus is not one of the archetypal travel-loving signs, so any trip you take needs to be aligned to a spiritual quest. Or, to be fair, shopping. And Gemini Moon’s have to learn. So I imagine you would often have a conflict, with Taurus Sun wanting a cruiser-Queen kind of sun-lounger holiday and Gemini not willing to switch off the information flow.

This covers both factors! Taurus feels nurtured by the Goddess connection and history. Gemini gets to muse over the genius thesis. Read this post from the archives about the Intrepid Aries for radical inspiration.  Please put me on the list to be notified when the Ph.D. is public to read. I am obsessed with lucid dreaming and dreams in general, as you have probably surmised.

Brigid is fascinating – a goddess with links to Minerva, Vesta, and Isis, among others – but who was sanctified rather than demonized. Is this because the Christians could not stomp out the people’s worship of her so they tried to subsume her instead?

The Shield Of Brigid is still one of the most beautiful (and effective) invocations for help.

Every day, every night/That I praise the goddess
I know I shall be safe:/I shall not be chased,
I shall not be caught,/I shall not be harmed
Fire, sun and moon/Cannot burn me. Not
Lake nor stream nor sea/Can drown me.
Fairy Arrow cannot pierce me./I am safe, safe, safe,
Singing her praises.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Judith Shaw – this site also has epic info on the Celtic Goddess Brigid

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